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sitting in poo

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Not sure it I have this in the correct section but here it goes. I took my male cat to the vet. on tues. I noticed he was going into his litter box and straining to pee. He would pee just a drop or two. The vet told me that he didnt feel a full bladder so more than likely he was starting to get a UTI. He didn't have a temp but the vet thought that we just caught it early. He sent me home with clavamox tablets (which we have been having fun giving him.) I know it has only been a few days. My cat seems to be peeing more than a drop now and he is acting normally again. The only thing is he has soft, not diarreha, stools and when he is just finished pooing, he will quickly sit down like it hurts. He is getting poo and litter stuck to his bum. I have clipped him but it is sticky and when he leaves the litterbox hunks fall off. I am finding them near the litterbox and down the hallway. They are easy to clean as they have litter on one side. He must be scooting when he can't get them off right away, as I am finding streaks near the litterbox. What could be causeing this? The vet explained that the clavamox might not work right away and that we may need to give another round if it doesn't . I am tring to avoid a vet visit in between the visit I will have to do when he is finished with the meds. Any suggestions?
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I don't know whether clavamox does it, but some antibiotics can cause a bit of the runs, how bad is it? You need to watch he doesn't get dehydrated. If I were you I would phone the vet and ask if it's anything to worry about. Hope he feels better soon
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The poo is not runny at all. It is hard to explain but when he is finished he gives a jerk and sits down in the poo. Then he stands tries to cover what didn't stick to his bum. I just cleaned up poo and litter messes up and down the hall way. I can see he must have tried to scoot his but again right outside of the cat litter box. It is driving me nuts. He started this last Sunday.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
If I were you I would phone the vet and ask if it's anything to worry about.
worth the call... maybe more liquid or fiber in his food would help? [don't do both - i think those would be opposite treatments!]
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Just wanted to let everyone know that as it turns out that because of the UTI my cat was feeling like he had to go even though he had and empty bladder. Because of this he was straining so hard that he would actually poo. Because he wasn't expecting that he would sit down because of the feeling of something on his bum. He has been on the Clavamox for 5 days now and is not doing this. So glad that he is feeling better!!!!
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Glad to hear that all is well again with your kitty .

Peace ,
Rob & Sport
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