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Ok I just posted in the vacations thread but I wanted to start a specific one. Has anyone traveled to Africa, specifically South Africa before?

I think my boyfriend and I are going to go on a camping/hiking trek for 16 days from Johannesburg to Cape Town! I am so excited! BUT, we need to make the final decision this weekend, and since neither of us has been anywhere in Africa before, I thought I'd try and get some more information or advice from someone who has. We're a bit worried about our safety since who knows what the political/war situation will be like in a few months, but for the most part from everything we've read and heard I think the area is alright. We'd be with local guides, and it's sponsored by an organized outdoor tour company. Dates we'd go would be June 16-July 2 or somewhere around there.

Any advice everyone?!? This is so exciting! Traveling is my passion, and I've always wanted to go to Africa!
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My dad and brother live in Johannesburg and I've been over twice. The last time was in 97-98. We were there for 2 1/2 months. It was great. But but but.......do you know anyone there??' Cause if you don´t I would definatly say don´t go, but if u do, you should be ok. As you know JoBurg is not the best place in the world right now, there is a LOT of crime and you see it happening right infront of you sometimes. The only real advice I can give you is be careful and as my brother says, always keep your banana peeled.
Cape Town is beautiful and not as much crime, you can walk around with not to much trouble. We also went on Safari to the Crouger National Park and that was sooooooooooooooo awesome, totally out of this world.
Let me know how it goes Good luck
If you want PM me and I can give you more info
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Oh wow! See - this board is awesome! You can find someone who knows about EVERYTHING!

PMing you right now lulu!
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