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Help! Malnourished kitten has adopted us.  

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An adorable gray kitten has adopted us. I could tell something was not right with her from across the apartment complex. We gave her some food and then my husband and I decided we couldn't bare leaving her outside in the rain. We allowed her to decide whether or not she wanted to come in. She followed us to the door and walked right in. Someone had to have abandoned her cuz she is so friendly and not affraid of us at all. She is so skinny and malnourished. We gave her a bath and a once over. She has no fleas, no earmites, no bugs whatso ever. From what we can tell she is just really starved. We are giving her wet food along with vitamins and roundworm medication just in case. I haven't seen any worms in her poo though. I just want to make sure she is getting all the help that she can right now. Unfortuanately we can not afford to take her to a Vet, it breaks my heart but we just don't have the money. I have a 5 year old cat and we just adopted in June a kitten. They both have all there shots and are healthy. Is there anything you can think of that may help her to survive? Is there anything else we could be doing for her? Like meds or something? I'm going to go to the pet store again this weekend and talk to someone. She is eating and going to the bathroom which we took as a good sign. I keep her seperated from the others while I'm at work and then put her on my lap once I get home. Her breathing sometimes can be heavy but once she is laying on our lap she relaxes and her breathing slows to normal. Anyone who has any words of encouragement or anything please let me know. My heart is breaking that someone would do this to this sweet little girl. We have taken her in as one of our family and will continue to care for her. It saddens me that we can't take her to vet but we just can't afford the extra bill right now, we had only planned on the one new kitty until she found us. I am glad that she did come to us because she needed help.
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I would not use worming meds on her right now. they can kill a Cat that is that skinny. Can you feed her kitten food.
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She is eating the wet "pate" kitten food. We tried the bagged kitten food and she just pushed it around. Do you think it's better to have them eat the wet food or the bag food and then moisten it for her? I'm just not sure. I'm thinking of getting her some kitten milk to help her as well. Do you think that's a good idea? I read some other posts and it was suggested to others. I will stop with the worming, I gave it to her last night in her food before she went to the bathroom. We just wanted to try to cover the bases, if you know what i mean. I crush up half the dose for a kitten of the vitamins because she is so small. I want to make sure she is at least getting the vitamins and nutrients that she needs. I wish we could afford to take her to the vet, I've been calling for the past 2 days since we've gotten her to get prices and we just can't work it right now. She is fighter, I can tell you that and she does seem to really love us by the way she acts.
Thanks, Melissa
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How old is she? When my Bastian was not thriving as a kitten and getting skinny, my vet had me feed him canned food mixed with KMR several times a day. Check out the Pregnant Cats & Kittens forum too; there's a lot of info on taking care of kittens. You could try calling some local animal welfare organizations, as some are willing to help get strays vetted when their "finders" are willing to give them a home. Good luck!
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Thanks to everyone for your comments. When I came home from work the little kitty has passed away.... I am so heartbroken that someone could have put her through that. If only I was able to find her least her last 2 days of life were spent in nice home with love.....
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Thats terrible. I hate thatt someone caused her to be that way and she died.
So sorry you could not save her.
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I'm so sorry -- but, as you said, at least she was led to your home and she was loved before she left for the bridge.
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I'm so sorry to hear that. RIP, little kitty.
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Oh no!

As others have said, at least the last two days of her life were filled with love, and I think, happiness.
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Just wanted to say thank you for the kind words. I am glad that she was brought into our lives, I am saddened that it was too late. At least she had a warm place to stay and be comfortable in her time of need. We gave her a proper burial and wrote a poem for her. That is my way of saying goodbye. Thanks again, Melissa
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I'm so sorry the little one is gone but you gave this baby at least a couple days of love and care. I will close this thread now. When you feel ready, perhaps you could post in the Crossing the Bridge forum as a tribute to your little grey angel.
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