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Do cats catch a cold like people do?

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Hello, Cozmo is sneezing allot the last couple days and he rubs his nose allot after he sneezes, his eyes look a little puffy and watery also. Could he just be getting a cold?

Angel has been like this in the past and she got pretty sick before it was over with a fever and she was on antibiotics for it a couple times.

How worried should I be with Cozmo? Should I call the vet right away or wait a day or so and see if he gets worse?

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Did you get Cozmo after Angel? When we first got Capone he almost died from URI (Upper respiratory infection) he was only 5 weeks old though. When we got Bugsy a few months later Capone gave him URI and Bugsy got sick, same symptoms as Cosmo. URI is a lifetime disease and it will flare up with stress. As they get older the signs get less.

I personally would bring him to the vet…. Just in case. Capone had eye gel (that was a task to get into his eye lol) for his gunky eye and both my boys were one two sets of meds.

When Capone had it his was pretty bad to the point where he could not breath (just like a cold they sometimes it starts off small and gets worse) I would sit in a steamy shower with him for 15 min every two hours (thankfully I didn’t have a job then lol) to clear out his head.

I would take him to the vet though. My boys got a yummy gel that boosts their immune system. Now every time they get symptoms I call the vet and they just recommend giving them the gel and its smooth sailing from there.

But then again it could be something else. Good luck and keep us updated!
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Hi, The last time Angel was sick was way before I got Cozmo. If I remember right the person I adopted Cozmo from said he and his brothers were sick when they were small. She saved Cozmo and his 2 brothers from a shelter that were going to "put them to sleep" because no one would take them.
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I would take him to the vet. My boys get symptoms every few months for their URI. It could be something different though. You never know, my boyfriend and i were not going to take Capone to the vet and he ended up getting really sick. Anything different in a cat is grounds for me to bring him to the vet especially with those symptoms it can be a whole variety of things. Good luck!
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Kitties don't get cold exactly, they get upper respiratory infections. It's usually easily treated, but can also be hard to knock out sometimes. It's best to take her to the vet and get some antibiotics for her.

Good Luck!
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I would go to the Vet. My Meeko had one with a almsot 105 fever and acted very sick then my 16 year old Cat got it.
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Cozmo stopped sneezing about as fast as it came on. We think what happened was I shampooed the living room carpet which was when Cozmo started to have problems so we are thinking he had a reaction to the shampoo we used to clean the carpet. Does this sound possible? None of the other cats are getting sick so I don't think they are catching anything from Cozmo.
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It very well could have been a reaction to the shampoo. Just watch for a day or so and if the sneezing doesn't come back..then it sounds like it wasn't a URI after all...which is a good thing!

When my kitties dare to venture into the storage area of the basement, they sneeze's the dust. It stops shortly after they leave the room. Heck, I sneeze in there too........but I don't come out with dust on my whiskers....LOL
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Hi, Cozmo is doing fine, He never got real sick thank god. It must have been something in the house or the air making him sneeze.
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