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Adult cat with kittens needs help in NC, USA

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She lives about two hours away from me I really wish I could help her but I am full at the moment and my parents won't allow me to foster any more animals for a little while, here is her story:

I rescued a beautiful adult grey calico cat that was very pregnant from a woman that was starving her and about to take her to a high kill animal shelter. Even though I knew I could not keep her because I have 4 pets of my own, I could not let that happen to her, so I took her so I could provide her and her kittens a safe, loving indoor home until her kittens found homes of their own. Her kittens are 3 weeks old now so in about 4-5 weeks the cat (who I named Annie) will need a new home/foster home or rescue, and so will the 5 kittens. One of my cats beats her up often so when all the kittens are gone I would like someone to take her asap. I live in Jacksonville, NC but am willing to drive a reasonable distance to bring her to the person who takes her or meet them somewhere. If you can please help me out in any way (give her a home, foster her or tell me what rescue I could take her to), I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

- Candiss

Please if anybody could be so kind as to point us in the right direction to help this mother cat. She doesn't want to take her to a high kill shelter. I know the kittens have a greater chance of getting adopted but the mother cat is less likely to get adopted. Please help!
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Thank you for rescuing these kitties!

Have you talked to rescue groups in the area?

Here are some easy searches you can conduct to see if you can find a shelter or further fosters:

http://www.pets911.com/local-shelters-and-rescues Enter your zip code in the upper left corner, and then hit "Find Local Shelters and Rescues."

You can also contact Alley Cat Allies to see if there's a person or shelter in your area that can help: http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity...=444&srcid=355 Just click in the box that you're contacting them for individual assisance, and fill out the form.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the link I will forward them to the foster mom.
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This is Annie and her kittens:

Note: I am not fostering her!
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They are all beautiful! Positive vibes for a happy home for each of them.
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