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Third Eye

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Can someone please inform me as to what the 3rd eye is? Is it a bad sign? I see this little thing in the inner corner of my both of my cats eyes and its clear. Is this the 3rd eye?
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Every cat has a third eyelid, and that's probably what you are seeing. In some cats it's more visable than others and is normal...for other cats (if it becomes more noticeable out of no where) It can be a sign of an underlying medical condition.
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In some purebreds and domestic cats with long angular faces (like Oriental Shorthairs for example) the third eyelid tends to be slightly visible in the corner of the eye for most of the time. My Sonic also has a slightly 'lazy' 3rd eyelid in his right eye due to a bout of Horner's syndrome (inflammation of the nerve that controls it) some months back now - vet says all is well now but it is more visible than the left eye when he is tired.

In general though, if it is partially across the eye it is a sign of ill-health - eye irritation, dehydration, fever, or serious worm infestation are some of the more common causes.

How does your cat seem otherwise? Any lethargy or loss of appetite? Is this something new or has it always been a bit visible?
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