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What is everyone doing for Memorial Day?

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I was just curious what everyones plans are.

I'm going to go to an outdoor festival/concert on sunday & maybe a movie. lots of R&R!

how bout you guys? :confused3
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We are going to go out to our shop (in the backyard) and clean it out. Everything will be dumped out, inspected, put into piles and then the shop will be vacuumed, rearranged and that includes the tack room which is just off the main entrance of the shop. The horses will be out in the backyard during all of this, and I am sure they will have their noses into everything, as will the cats as well.

Plus, I will be trying to gain Black Pause trust (again) and see if I can capture him and take him to a new home. Oh, and Shredder and Kabota will be neutered on Friday. Such big plans! LOL

Everyone enjoy your weekend, regardless of what you end up doing.
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I'm cleaning my apartment this weekend and working overtime Monday (show me the $$$$$$).
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LOL the long weekend must be for all to work!! We are steam cleaning rugs and washing all these stinking double windows. Thank goodness we are going to Rene's Saturday night to relax and talk about what else...but cats. Of course Monday I will want to BBQ and relax.
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I'm taking all my animals; cats, rats, and even the bird out for some fun. The cats are going to a pampered kitty cafe, where they get to dine and play. The rats and bird are going out to a fenced enclouser where they can fly and play in the dirt, then we're all going to cuddle and play all night long! I love long weekends.
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One of my brothers is coming back (from Denver) and we will go put flowers on mom & dad's grave. Not the most fun weekend I will have had.
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Probably going to finish up my sister's room. It needs another coat of paint and we just got the custom blinds we ordered. By Monday it should be done and we'll probably be moving her crap back in there.

If we get the room done before then, we'll probably go through all these boxes that came out of the guest room *lol*

Sounds like a GREAT vacation huh? Who wants to trade?
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It must be the weekend for Helping Paws' volunteers to clean - I am taking my house apart, including closets - my husband is going to clean the pool and get it ready for swimming and clean the basement - change all the litter boxes, etc. I am actually looking forward to this (so I am a little weird). Saturday afternoon we have a parents "prom" preview where we go to the school and take pictures of our kids before they go to their junior prom, and Saturday night we will do something with Sandy and Ken and any other volunteers who want to join us. We were going to all go to the races Saturday night, but it is supposed to rain, so that is not going to work out. But we will have fun no matter what we do.

My husband has to work a double shift on Friday and he also has to work on Monday - oh well, we will like the extra money that goes in the paycheck.

AlloWeyo, what is a pampered kitty cafe? It sounds like you have a place that welcomes kitties - is it public? Where do you live?

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - whether you are working or relaxing.
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Well I hope to have a nice weekend at home with my family! Plain, simple, and wonderful!
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I am hopefully going to spend time with my good friends, Rene, Clint, Sandie, Ken, Kylie and Donna and of course my hubby Jerry. And I would love to go shopping with Rene (Hint Hint) Hopefully everyone will have a happy and safe holiday. And guys don't do too much cleaning, enjoy a little!! And Donna, don't work too hard!!
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I have a friend who ownes bakery. He recently decided to start making gormet animal treats and food. He converted one of the room into a small animal dining room. I live in florida. I asked him, and he didn't want the name of the bakery to be said, since this is still in the expiermental stage
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I am beeper-queen this weekend. I am on-call for the County's Child Protective Department - sure hope it is quiet! Other than that - a cemetery run to my parent's and son's grave then play with the critters. If I am really lucky - a coffee break with my feral friend "the mad catter". Hope everyone has a good one....
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Hey Debby,

I'll be thinking of you this weekend. I go to the cemetery every once in a while and have coffee with mom and dad. You can get through it. Besides, your brother will be there for you too.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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On the nicest day will have a day-long road trip to visit 5 different cemeteries in two different states to pay respects and place flowers on the graves of our family members.

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai,Zoe, and Baby
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Actually I didn't get to go put the flowers on the graves this year, but thanks for thinking of me Donna!

I was so sick with Kidney infection, I could barely move...I didn't even get to spend any time with my brother from Colorado who was back.
But I gave him and my other brother all the flowers I had bought for mom & dad's grave, and they went and put them on for me.

I hope you got through it okay too Donna.
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