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Update: Positive Results with Prozack re: spraying

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(Dang...spelled Prozac wrong in title!)

Hi everyone, just thought I would give you an update on Jax.

You may recall from a previous thread that our vet was not very willing to prescribe prozac for the spraying.

We finally convinced her to let us give it a try. It took a few iterations to get the method correct (tried liquid, considered transdermal). We finally found a compounding pharmacy to give us a capsule.

We are having success getting the capsule down by adding a little bit of butter to it.

It's been a month now and we have not seen any evidence of spraying since we began. Twice I have seen Jax back up to a wall (as if he were going to spray) but he didn't.

It's hard to say for sure if the prozac is responsible for the stop in spraying - as it did seem to go in spurts previously (related to kitties wandering outside.)

The current plan is to leave him on for 2 more months then wean him off. It's likely he will start spraying again in the spring with the kitties come by - and we will have to start him on it again.

I truly hope that our success with this will translate to other families having success, as well, since the vet was so resistant to trying it. Maybe it will be another option she will consider for her other clients.

Thanks for all your help with this issue. Life is much better now for us!

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That is FANTASTIC !!!! That has got to be just about the coolest thing that I have ever heard in my life. The Kitty's poppin' pills. OMG !!! I have heard of that, and was very curious as to how well it works. Now we know. Awesome, my friend, I'm glad it all worked out to you.
Rob & Sport
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Tell your Vet to do some RESEARCH.

Prozac is well know to help cats with aggression, spraying and other behavior problems.

Good on you for insisting!
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YEAH!!!! I am one of the ones who was supporting you and I am so glad you have finally found a solution.

It is really amazing that this works pretty much instantly. Mine stopped spraying completely within 2 days. If they go off though, they will start spraying and fighting again withing 2 weeks.
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Thanks everyone.

My vet does prescribe prozac for aggressive behavior, but never thought it would work for spraying. I was a bit disappointed that I could so readily find information about this, but she really had no idea. (I'm still not sure she believes it is the prozac helping.)

I know that she had a bad experience with it when she gave it to one of her dogs...so she is resistant to use it.
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