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Question of the Day - July 31st!

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Do you keep a journal?

I've been keeping a journal off and on since I was a little girl. I wish that I had been more regular with it though. I usually ever only write about the good memories. I like to look back and read about some of those memories when I'm having a bad day, makes me feel a little better!
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No I do not
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I have keep a few for a several months over the years. My older sister however is the journel keeper in my family..She has been keeping one for almost 50 years.
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I have a few online journals I keep, and I used to keep a written one for a couple years. Really need to get back into doing the actual written one again.
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I always try! Does that count?

From the time I was little, I always wanted to. So I'd start one, do well for a while, stop... A year later, again, and stop again... So I have LOTS of journals! All with about a half a year's worth of entries.

I really wish I had done better with my journal in Japan. I did well to start, but then got so busy that I was lucky if I got one entry a month!! Now, I don't have a physical journal, but I am doing ok with online ones.
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I would love too, but never seem to do it.

When Bella was sick I kept one for her until the day she passed and it's in her memorial box
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I would love to, but I always worry that someone would read my private thoughts. I don't even trust those little locked ones. I did keep daily journals for DH when he was deployed. The first one I finished was when we were dating and I mailed it to him. Unfortnatley it never made it to him. The others I saved for when he came home but I don't know how much he ever read. That wasn't really the point anyway, it was more my way of talking to him through those times.
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I do, but only fill them in when I first get them, and then tend to fill them in if anything major happens after the novelty's worn off.

I always take one with me when I go on holiday, too
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I've kept a journal off an on, but am not as committed to it as I'd like to be. It would probably do me good to stick to it, thank you for the reminder! On a somewhat separate view, I've found it very helpful to journal health and behavior issues with my girlies so that I can easily look back to see particular situations/what was going on at the time/what worked and what didn't...
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Nope, just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to sit down and write in a journal.
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I have kept a journal since I was 14 years old, and I keep it hidden away just in case family members go snooping...My private thoughts are in there!
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I never do it....BUT I use to write in agenda,... does it count?........
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Uh, I keep a note book for recording blood pressure readings, heart rate, and symptoms - if that counts. ...I need to get around to typing it all up to show my doctor, since going back through it last night proved that there's some bad stuff in it that he really should see.

I still have an old live journal, that I just use to keep track of friends. But other then that my personal thoughts are mostly my own and too disorganized to bother people (or even myself) with.
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I have done, sporadically, from time to time. I still do any time I travel more than a couple of days -- which isn't often. But a regular daily thing? Not at the moment.
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No, and I don't have the slightest inclination to do so. Always seemed that there was something else to do, like typing in recipes that I have tried but have not yet put in the computer. That's why I wasn't on TCS that much today.
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My life is far too boring to put into a journal. I find that even keeping a headache diary is tedious beyond imagination...
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I've always wanted to be one of those ppl that can keep a journal ... I'm too flighty
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