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Put a Face with the Name

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U.S. & Coalition/Casualties

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It's a sobering site. Lance Cpl. Andrew Julian Aviles, 18, was killed on April 7. He was the cousin of a teacher at my school and was profiled on the front page of our paper, as he grew up in Tampa.
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I agree...that site is very sobering. It's sad to think of all the lives lost. I just pray that they are now free from pain and my prayers are with their families. So sad...
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This is a costly war, no matter which way you look at it, and I am not talking money, to many lives have been lost both Iraqi and coalition.
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That's a "welcome to reality" site. That's so sad. Most of those people are my age.
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Thanks Lizza for posting this...
I agree with Hissy, its a very costly war. I just hope that its over soon.
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Wow, that was hard to look at. There were 3 burials of Colorado servicemen yesterday, KIA. War indeed has a very high cost, one that cannot be measured by dollars and cents.
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So sad...

I'm sitting here thinking that some of them are only one or two years older than me... it's just... sobering.
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That's really depressing. I'm wondering what has happened to the POWs - they apparently haven't been found in Baghdad, so where are they? So many lives lost. I still have nightmares about the body bags being unloaded from planes during the Vietnam War.
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I hate thinking about all the lifes lost , but its reality

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I live near Fort Campbell (Home of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles). 30,000 men and women were deployed to Iraq and Kuwait from this base. In one veterinary office near the base 7 employees have spouses deployed. One of the vets has a husband who was injured. Everyone here is affected deeply. Going into stores during the first days of the bombing you would see young army wives and their children clustered around tv sets in Walmart, restaurants, etc. Each wife trying to go about their daily lives for the good of their children but each drawn to the war news. Thanks for helping to personalize the war.
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