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Daily Thread Thurs July 31st!

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Morning folks!

Welp, its the last day of July....August is tomorrow, and then the next day I am off to Ottawa

Its going to be sunny and beautiful today..I am off to the bookstore after work as I finished the worst book I ever read last night. OMG, It was terrible! I can't wait to get a new one tonight!

Off to the gym after that!

Almoooooost Friday people!! Have a good Thursday!
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Thank goodness July is almost over!! Its a nice summer day here today but hot weather moving in for the weekend.
Have my usual Thursday clients then have to get some cat food.
Picked the basil, some green beans, tomatoes, pickles and zuchini this mroning and will bring some of this over to my 1st client today.
Not much else going on-might do some more weeding/deadheading at my house today.

Have a good one!!
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had a fever this morning and couldn't talk, relaxed a bit, fever has come down and soon i'm off to work, quite bored at home! I could.. start scrap booking though! FH is also sick ew. Im gonna do a load of washing before i go.
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Morning All!!!

Looks like we are in for more rain here......seriously I will be starting the ark later today.....

I am also glad July is at a end, one more month and I will have my quiet little town back from all those terrorists Ops sorry tourist..

Heading off to work shortly, month-end reports and such to deal with today, which means tracking down several department heads and badgering them until I get the info I need..Gees I sometimes think I am the only on who understands the concept of a calender I have a couple who always say the same thing...Is it that time already

The kitties are great this morning, all have had their treats and are now sitting in the center of the living room helping each other groom those hard to reach places..I is quite adorable...

Everyone have a great day
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Happy not-quite Friday! Poor Thursday, I only think of it as almost Friday.

Man, this has been a tiring week. I am tired yet again today! And I have a long day at work, fun... Then I have to work on finishing up my Grandma's estate. She died back in '04, and we're still dealing with this stuff! Argh! But hopefully today's will be one of the last.

The good news is, though not warm, it was sunny when we left this morning! So I hope it will get to be a nice day. Not that I'll get to see it, but oh well!

Evie is doing well, she got some good loving in this morning before I had to get up. Then she got some water straight from the tap and proceeded to tell us all about her night from middle of the hallway floor! She likes to make sure we have a challenge to walk around first thing in the morning when we're still more dead than alive.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!
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Yay One week til I leave for Tennessee...I cant wait! I have to go to work today Its pouring the rain here and 77ºf warm but rainy! Have a great day everyone
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Evenin' All!!

Today I went to work with my mom again and then it was off to the shops and the bank, and then later I had the rabbit out on her harness while it was raining and then I came on here!

Mitzi's fine. She was asleep on my bed but got up, bit me and walked out soon after my arrival.

Have a good day peep!

It's nearly Friday!
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Good afternoon!

Been working since 7:30am, going to leave in just over an hour though. Hopefully DH will leave work early (early being by 5pm ) today, since his boss is on vacation and he doesn't have to feel "obligated" to stay late with him!

Not sure what I want to make for dinner tonight. I do know I'm starving right now though I think I'll make some chicken, or fettucini alfredo. Or maybe both, if I'm feeling creative!
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My day started off at five this morning when I got got up to get ready for my seven o'clock doctor's appointment. After appointment I stopped at HARDEE'S to pick up breakfast for Mom and me. Then I slept from eight until noon!. This afternoon I vacumed and cleaned up for my Mom's 87th Birthday tomorrow.
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