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Sabre's (Dramatic) First Litter

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Today is day 67 of Sabre's pregnancy, and what a dramatic end of term it has been!

Sabre lost her mucus plug on Saturday (day 62), but showed no signs of going into labor. When Tuesday rolled around and she still showed no signs of letting her kittens go, we went into the vet to make sure all was well. The x-ray showed that her three kittens were doing just fine and we're keeping the vet posted on this somewhat unusual case. Her temperature finally dropped to 99.1 last night, so send us lots of vibes for a speedy delivery!
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I know of one OSH queen who always goes 69 or 70 days without fail! Glad the vet says all is OK, fingers crossed for an easy delivery and healthy chubby kittens
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Sending easy delivery vibes your way!
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Let us know how things turn out!
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Day 68, still no kittens We were at the vet early this morning for a sonogram. All three are healthy with nice, strong heart beats. Still, if she hasn't gone into labor within the next few hours, we'll be going in for a c-section later on today.
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Hmmm, the vet decided against the c-section for tonight; its hard to justify such an invasive procedure when the kittens themselves seem to be so healthy. But if nothing has happened by morning, she will have to go in for surgery first thing. I don't intend to let this pregnancy get up into the 70's!
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come on babies
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Sending safe delivery

Can't they give her an injection first, instead of going straight for a c-section?
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I would go with the injection also. My friends Cat had one and then labor started.
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I have to concur - try the oxytocin jabs first before a C section!!
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Thank you for the good vibes everybody!!

Sabre entered labor around 9 pm this evening. She delivered her three kittens and then shocked us all when she gave us a fourth. Considering she had 4 different x-ray shots and a sonogram, I can't imagine where she was hiding it! Not only did she save herself from a c-section, she had bonus kittens as well!

I will have pictures up as soon as momma is feeling like her photogenic self I'll do sexing/color check tomorrow too, right now, I finally get to have some real sleep!!
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Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see pics of the babies. I'm so glad they were all delivered safely.
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Sneaky little mom! Glad she finally had them. Most of my females had them in the normal time 63-66 days - when they go past 68 days you DO start to panic a little

Looking forward to pictures.
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