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Well, the doctor said everything looks normal. The worst case scenario is ruled out, thankfully, but it's still back to square one. No idea what's causing it.
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At least everythings normal hope they find out whats wrong

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thinking good thoughts from Iowa!!!
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Well, at least the serious stuff is ruled out. I'm not saying that the pain is nothing, but no tumors, etc. is a good thing. Did they happen to look into migraines? I'm guessing they did, being doctors and all, but I figured I'd throw it out there. I don't believe they're overly common in children, but it's not impossible. I know of one child (she's grown now) that had migraines since the age of 2 or 3... she had to go into a pain clinic of some sort to not only treat the pain, but learn how to manage it. (I need to go to one myself!) I know they can cause agony and can last for long periods of time. Hope they will find out what's causing her pain... poor little girl.
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I hope she's okay!!!! Thankfully they ruled out the worst case senario. I have massive cluster headaches that strike at random. It's always on my right of left temple and I go blind in one eye (the eye thats on the same side as the headache) while it lasts. I've never felt any kind of pain like I have those, and let me tell you I'd take a normal migraine over these things anytime.

I'll keep Shannon in my prayers and hopefully they can find what is triggering the pain and fix it.
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Kim asked me to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for her and Shannon during this tough time. She said she knows that they did help. So from her (and me) - Thank You everyone!
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I'm glad everything looks normal! Hopefully they will find out what is causing the problems now. Keep us posted!
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I so hope the headaches soon stop. Bless her heart. Keep us posted, please, Heidi. I'm still praying for her.
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