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Can I ask for some Board Magic?

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It's for my friend and co-worker, more specifically for her little girl. Shannon is 5 years old, and has had a constant headache for 3 weeks now. They went to the Dr. today and she has to have a CAT scan. They are looking for either sinus problems or blood on the brain from when she hit her head. Obviously, we are hoping for sinuses to be the problem, but the headaches started right after Shannon took a nasty spill and hit her head pretty hard on the corner of a wall. My friend is just beside herself worrying about her little girl.

Any thoughts, prayers and energy would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.
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(((((Hugs)))))) from Sunny California

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Good thoughts and prayers for your friend and her daughter.
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Healing thoughts and prayers flying from Toronto!
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Of course healing prayers for Shannon!

Although I have to admit I'm relieved you're asking for board magic for a co-worker's daughter. I got worried when I saw the title of the thread! Not that this isn't worrying...but...you know what I mean!
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Prayers coming from Ontario.

Poor little girl... I hope she's okay.
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I'll keep her in my prayers. I hope she's OK. Keep us posted!!!
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Prayers and best of thoughts headed her way.
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Prayers and good thoughts from Wisconsin.
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Prayers coming from me.
I hope she will be okay soon

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I have a big soft spot for little kids...poor little babe! I really pray that it isn't a major problem. I know how bad it is to have bad headaches, but with little ones you know that the pain has to be awful for them. Sending lots of good vibes, prayers and thoughts to her and her family. Please keep me posted on what happens, ok? Thanks!
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Poor little sweetheart!!
I'm sending prayers from Arizona.
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All my good energies are going out to this little one

Its so hard having a sick child, and not knowing what you can do to make it better
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Awww, sending out good "get well" vibes. I hope whatever it is is fixable and not too serious. Keep us updated.
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Oh my goodness! I will definately be sending positive vibes to your friend and her little girl..I hope it isn't anything bad..Let us know!!
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Positive thoughts and prayers are on the way for this little girl and her family!
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When will they find out if everything is OK? I'm praying for her still!!
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I hope she is ok, too.
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Positive thoughts going her way!!

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Sending my thoughts and good vibes your way. I really do hope that her little girl will be ok.
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Sending positive thoughts from PA! I do hope it's nothing serious.
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Better late than never . . . Heidi, lots of good and strong thoughts going over to Shannon and her family. Hope it proves to be nothing at all.
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Kim is waiting for the call to schedule the CAT scan for her, and in the meantime they have lots of prescriptions to help if is it an allergy/sinus problem.

You guys really are the best!
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Heidi....I just now saw this...my prayers are going up for little Shannon...please keep us posted....I hope everything will be okay with her!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shannon is going in for her CAT Scan today, I'll let everyone know what they find, and thanks so much for all the good thoughts!
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Sorry Heidi, I saw this late, but I will keep your friend in my thoughts!
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What did they find out Heidi?
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Ohhh Poor wee Shannon
My thoughts and prayers and all my love

Sam( wellingtoncats )
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Do they know anything yet? I hope she's OK!
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Thanks for asking! You guys really are the best.

Hopefully Kim found out something today after work. The Dr. was supposed to call first thing in the morning, but I guess 5:15 is "first thing" to him. She was not a happy Mommy! She had already left when he called, so hopefully he got a hold of her and told her *something*.

I'll let you know when I hear something tomorrow morning at work.
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