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Hyper cat

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I'm at my wit's end with Holly Golightly (the orange cat)! When not sleeping, she runs like a maniac, knocks things off the shelves and tables, makes everything into a toy such as my personal items (jewelery, etc.), and wakes me up in the middle night when fiddling with the window blinds. The worst thing she's done was create a huge hole in the drapes in order to access the window. Rather than going to the window where the drapes separate, she conveniently ripped a hole to accommodate her body.

When I first found her as a feral cat in May 2007, she was very scared of me and hid under the bed for three months. When she finally bonded with me, she became very confident and has been hyper for about a year now.

The vet said she is a young adult cat and I thought she would outgrow this behavior at this point. She acts like a kitten even though she's an adult. I'm thinking she's bored but I don't know what to do about that. My other cat is so mellow and never behaved like this. I think Holly suffers from ADHD! I love her but she drives me mad!!

Any advice to calm her down? Will her unruly behavior dissipate as she gets older?


P.S. As I write this post, she is now scaling the window screen. She's a very fit cat!
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My cat is exactly the same!!!

I am trying to read up on these posts to see if anyone had some answers.
It's not the ADHD activity that bothers me (if she starts, i play with her. i play with my kitty around as many times a day as i can because, as she is an indoor cat, it gives her exercise, amusment and fun!) my problem is that she uses me as a plaything and it HURTS! sinking her teeth and claws into the backs of my knees, my feet, my elbows (that really hurts!) anything she can get hold of. i have used all tips on the cat agression section in 'cat behavior'. i don't know what to do, she is more aggressive than any cat i've known and i'm not sure she is doing it for playing anymore, or just because she wants to hurt me sometimes. However, she does follow me EVERYWHERE, even wont let me go in the bathroom without her. When i leave, she waits by the front door until i come back (so my mum tells me). She loves attention too but sometimes she just has these attacks that come around 5 times a day. she goes absolutely mental!!!
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My cat follows me too, Jenny! It's weird because she seems so obsessed with me (she's at the foot of the bed now). She won't even go to sleep at night until I go to sleep as well. She waits anxiously by my bed. She then goes crazy when I start doing my night routine because she's so excited about sleeping next to me.

Holly is not as aggressive as your cat though. She does not like to be held and will scratch if upset. However, she mostly keeps her claws to herself and never bites.

My friend's ragdoll is more similar to your cat. For some reason, she violently attacks my friend's father but nobody else in the family. Ironically, the father is the one who feeds the cat and cleans the litter pan!
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My cat doesn't go to sleep until i do either! and she sleeps by my head, kinda curled round it like a furry hat! She can't bear not being in the same room as me, but if she starts biting, i have to shut her out - and she meows and meows - because it hurts so much and draws blood. my arms are covered in scars as are my legs. once she did a big massive scratch down my chest and i have three deep line scars right down the middle of my chest which have been there for about 2 months now!

She doesn't only bite me, she bites my mum aswell, but she bites me more and i'm the one who feeds, plays, does her tray...
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My 3 are a very active breed, I make sure to play with them several times a day and always right before bed so they'll sleep through the night.

I don't have things they can knock over or play with that they shouldn't, I know what they're like so it's just easier to keep things away or not own them at all.

I have plenty of toys and six cat trees of various heights to keep them busy- the best one is floor-ceiling and they can leap onto a bookcase and then the fridge from there
They also have a couple of tunnels, they love stalking each other in them.

I keep their nails clipped as they often run right over me when chasing each other

Currently I have vertical drapes that are easily navigated for window time, when I had pull down blinds I'd keep them open a few inches so they could get up and down as they liked.
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