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Hi I just got today a white persian 9 week old kitty from a breeder who show them she gave 6 months of warranty do you think that's good and what do you guys would recommend me like care an nutrition for the kitty, she told a lot of thinks but I would hear like different opinions from people who own persian cats!!!

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Cute kitten but most good breeders do not let their kittens go to new homes till they are 12-16 weeks old. IMO 9 weeks is too young - many kittens are still nursing at 9 weeks old.

And many breeders give at least a year guarentee for health and some will go longer for any congentical defects. I'm assuming you bought this kitten as a pet. And is this kitten spayed or neutered? Most breeders will keep the kittens till they are spayed/neutered and that's why you won't get them till 3-4 months old - right after they are done.

You should be feeding the kitten what the breeder was feeding and gradually change over to a higher quality food - Royal Canin, Wellness, Max Cat, Natural Balance are all better quality dry foods. I'd get hight quality canned kitten food too.

Since your kitten is a Persian, you should be starting a grooming routine now and train the kitten so that when he/she is older, you won't have problems. Get a fine-toothed and medium toothed comb to do the grooming. Persians need to be groomed every day or every other day. Whites tend to have a cottony coat that tangles easily and would need to be combed every day.
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I agree with GK here. Kitten food (eg. Royal Canin Babycat) dry and wet is the way to go, and you should think of supplementing that with some KMR or goat's milk as well.

Do be careful with the litter you use, some litters tend to stain a white cat (your's looks like a himi). And as s/he is still very very young, I would suggest a non clumping litter, preferably organic in nature as kittens tend to eat the litter.
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Thanks for the advice I would keep in mind all the advices thanks !!!
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