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New to a Collar

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Just got George a spiffy blue collar tonight, the Safe Cat kind that breaks away if it gets caught on something. He's a rescue kitty so I don't know if he's ever worn a collar before, but I'm guessing not by his reaction! He keeps licking it!

I have it set so I can fit two fingers between his neck and the collar. I figured that would be a good setting (correct me if I'm wrong), because if it's looser he starts biting the collar and trying to get it off.

He seems to be getting used to the idea here after a half hour or so, but I was wondering if there is a way I should get him used to this? Should I only have it on for a certain period of time at first and give him "collar breaks", or will that only make him more upset when we put it back on?

Thanks for any advice in advance!
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2 fingers is the guide i use, as well.
i've always just put them on & left them on. they get used to them pretty quickly, imo.
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Nah, just leave it on- he'll forget about it soon.
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Two fingers is good. And yes, just leave it on -- especially if he's settling down already. They either get used to them pretty quickly or give you a battle royal, and he certainly seems to be in the first camp, so don't confuse him by taking it off and on.
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I think one finger's enough, and believe many others do too. More than that can allow the cat's bottom jaw to get caught in there (and they canNOT get it out afterwards), plus it's more likely to hook onto 'things'.
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
I think one finger's enough, and believe many others do too
I agree with one finger. Sounds like he's doing okay with it, so I'd just leave the collar on.
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I don't use collars for several reasons. Be very sure its not too loose that he can get a paw tangled in it or his jaw caught trying to get it off.

Ling had a collar on for a short time cause she is mostly black and had a habit of trying to get outside till be broke her of that. The collar had a bell so we could hear her..... But she really hated it and would get it off all the time. She doesn't try to escape anymore and she hasn't wore a collar for almost 2 yrs.
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Thanks for all your advice!

Unfortunately I was a bit optimistic when I said he was used to it already....this morning he figured out how to get his jaw in there like many of you have said. I'm taking it off for now while I'm out at work, and when I come I'll probably tighten it up a tad and try again. He's quite the escape artist sometimes, so that's why I want to get him used to this new idea.
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At what age do you guys introduce your kits to collars?
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I've put the collars on at 3-4 months. I can't remember exactly with Stuart. Enzo had one on at 4 months and he still has the same collar, he's two years old now! When you buy a cat collar (Safe Cat is the brand) I work on the break away buckle until it gets much easier to break. Just keep pulling it apart, you will notice it getting easier to break off. My collars come off now when the kitties play too hard, and Thor thinks it's a game to break Stuarts off

All three of my cats have a collar with their name, our address, and number. They are all indoor only cats, but that doesn't mean they can't ever get out on accident. I use the two finger rule, but it does take them a little bit to get used to a collar in the begining. Since you are putting a collar on for the first time I would tighten up the collar to maybe 1 finger.

And I agree with you for taking it off while you're at work. Supervision in the begining is a great idea!
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Originally Posted by Melissa4321 View Post
At what age do you guys introduce your kits to collars?
I forgot to mention that they make kitten collars. I used those for both Leya and Stuart in the begining. They are really skinny and completely elastic. Stuart would pull his off a lot in the begining, and I didn't have a problem with their jaw getting stuck. Leya was six months old when I got her from the pound and put a kitten collar on her. She was only 3 pounds and sickly. I could almost touch my thumb and middle finger around her tummy

*I used the kitten collars because the break away collars need a certain amount of weight to break away*
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We got Stitch a collar a few weeks ago (she's 4 months old). It is still kinda big in the smallest setting and she can get her jaw caught in it. We only put the collar on her when we are there to make sure she is ok with it. She hated it at first, but now is pretty used to it but we will keep taking it on and off until she cannot get caught in it anymore. If yours is not getting caught anymore, you can leave it on all the time...although I think I would still remove it when not home until the cat pays absolutely NO notice to the collar being on! (Stitch will still occasionally try to play with the bell and that would make me feel uncomfortable if I wasn't home to supervise!)
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Firefox had her 1st at about 5-6 weeks... a Beastie Band, cut down to fit her little neck!

i think the 'finger' rule also depends somewhat on the size of your fingers!
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