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What Should I Do?

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As many of you know we adopted Grace and Bridget a week ago yesterday.

Bridget is transitioning fine , loves the kids , is adjusting to the other cats even loves the dog.

Grace wont come out , we have to dig her out of where ever shes hiding ... then she will eat or drink and use the box. She will sit on a chair beside us but the instant we stop petting her ... shes off hiding again. Oh and she loves , loves , loves the dog... she even is rubbing against him marking him ... poor old blind thing that he is.

She doesn't seem happy to me at all.... my DH thinks she will adjust but my mom senses are tingeling... I don't think she likes it here and if we keep her she will be the unhappy cat that lives on my pantry shelf.

My question is how long do I give Grace to transition before its safe to say shes not a happy camper?
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I think some cats take longer to adjust than others. I'm not sure how long it takes, but a week is not very much time. The fact she's scent-marking the dog is good though, because she is at least trying to make this her home. And she allows you to pet her, that is good.

Also, perhaps his personality is just to be a more shy kitty. I have cats that are perfectly settled in, but they like to find their own special hiding spots to sleep in. Your home sounds like a very nice one, and I doubt he would be any happier in a brand new place he's not even remotely used to.

I would say, just be patient with him. Sorry that I don't know how much time it will take.
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Now shes hidden so well we cant find her.... I hope your right I only want her to be happy.
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I would give it more time. Most of my cats have been the more curious types that can't stand not knowing what's going on, but there ARE exceptions!

Were Bridget and Grace friends before the adoption, or are they "separate?"
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I would give it more time. Most of my cats have been the more curious types that can't stand not knowing what's going on, but there ARE exceptions!

Were Bridget and Grace friends before the adoption, or are they "separate?"
Bridget was in the open cat room and only caged at night .... Grace was in the " moms " room because she had 2 of her kittens in the cage with her and was caged most of the time. When I would go visit her I would take her out to pet and play with her... she never gave the impression of being skittish .

We did manage to find her lastnight to feed her and such... today still hiding.
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Don't force her out into the open to feed her unless it has been more than a day since she has eaten. Make the food available to her, and when she is hungry she will come out. She sounds like she was not properly socialized and still scared. By grabbing her, you are reducing her trust.
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Time is the only thing cats need. Honestly you should give her a good month to get comfortable. She has a lot of new things to get used to and adjust to. Maybe she's never known a family life indoors. That's a big adjustment. Also, she's gotten used to life at the shelter, probably most of her life at the shelter was in a very small area and that's where she feels safe. Give her lots of kitty spaces. Covered baskets, Covered beds, small hidding places.

She'll adjust! She just needs time and a furever home.
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She will EVENTUALLY come around. I have had friends, where it took their cats a couple of months to adjust. She is a very loved kitty, she loves her kitty friends, and she will eventually show it. Her perception of time is not the same as yours. A cat, ideally, would have a day be about 36 hours, not 24. So a week to your cat is about 12 days to you. Don't worry, she'll come around. Best of luck to you and your feline friends.

Peace, Love and Tie Dye ,
Rob & Sport
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Some cats just aren’t all that friendly. My Caponey who I love with all my heart, and is my special little guy is pretty antisocial. Ever since we got him. I think I see him maybe 1 hour in a whole day. That one hour is probably 45min of him playing with Bugsy, rubbing up against Bruno eating, pooing etc. The other 15min is allowing me to pet him lol.

He seems really happy though, he just isn’t all that friendly.
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I've had cats take up to 6 months to adjust fully. Just give her time.
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