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About Bentley ( PUFF )

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Hi Ya'll ,

Ready for round 2 ? Puff ( formerly Sir Bentley ) fell off the wagon a couple of days ago.
The only thing I can attribute it to would be that I've changed his diet a tad bit and he's not had his 'Kittie treats" in that amount of time . Now , could it be that he's that spoiled that he's retalliating ? Puff is VERY sensitive emotionally , that is clear. What's this Feliway product ya'll are talkiking about , my Vet. hasn't mentioned it ! And I haven't seen it at Petsmart . Is it a Mail order product or what . Im'a get back with the foil AGAIN , cause ya know I won't get rid of him.....Maybe he's forgetful ? I dunno at this point . He was doing so well till I just had to open my mouth.......figures .

Thanks in advance my

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I'm a firm believer that cats can act out when they don't get their way or something changes. My cats specially Asim will revolt with his litter box. I can tell how upset they are by how high they fling their litter and poo on the walls (i kid you not!)

I don't know if you can buy them in any stores, but you can line, here's one site I found real quick, and I think the cat site has a link for it too. It's the Feliway plug in.
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Rebecca just how is Puff retaliating?
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Sorry , but I got so many responses , I have to address this to all that took the time to care . I appreciate it greatly .

Firstly , I found the Feliway at Petsmart . I had no clue as to how expensive that stuff is !!!! WOW....

Secondly , Puff is retaliating , I think , because he's not had his "treats" . He was fine until that stopped . Now today , I got the treats and he seems to be fine . Actually , I just caught him in the litter box going Pee-Pee . Im'a still get with the foil again as it worked almost immediately. He seems to get annoyed when I change his eating habits , as in hiding and sleeping under my bed and such . Cops an "attitude" , YES , I mean that literally . As he gets this really ticked off look on his face and is just non-social in general . Like I've said , he's a very sensitive cat , I knew that from the Get-Go . He's sitting right here nuzzling my elbow as I type. And this he's not done in days either . So , I know it's retaliating . He got his way and is now a happy camper . But , i must mention that I did scold him with a lil "BAD BOY and a tap on the hiney" the other day . He immediately looked at me in a very hard way and went into hiding . I dunno , I've just never had this prob. with all the cats that I've raised , it's so foreign to me , I can't tell you.....

AngelzOO , I had a neighbor a while back whos cat did the same thing . It was a mess . Not to mention , they had the litter box in their kitchen......Can you imagine ? *SHUDDERS*
That just ain't correct ! Not to mention , the Landlord was highly , ya know about it after they moved out because it literally ate the paint off the walls ! In the KITCHEN ? That is too gross !!!!!!
Glad to have them gone and then some......

Well , that's it for now , my PC keeps booting me off due to" lack of network activity" . That's because , my keyboard is failing and I have to really re-read and correct typos . Sorry about that !

Thanks my 's

As usual , I appreciate the feedback greatly.

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that he's being a brat! I'm glad you love him so much, I have a hard time placing my kittens because I love them so much! Puff looks like my boys. Jake is neutered due to a kink in his tail and Tatum is a huge cuddler.
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Hopefully you have pin pointed all that it was which upset him and that he'll now stop!

Lol, we don't have one in the kitchen! ewww, very ew. And I certainly clean up their messes as they come!
They haven't been upset with me lately so there is no poo on the walls.
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First of all, don't "tap" him on the hiney or anywhere else. A simple hiss in his direction or telling him to "Quit" one time loudly will startle him out of any bad behavior. You posted that you "caught" him in the litter box going pee, that is a good thing, but the way it is posted makes me think he was doing something bad? He went into hiding, because you hurt him and scared him, and even a little tap on a cat is not a good idea. He trusts you, and you betrayed him- that is why he hid.
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Dragon , I have to laugh at that.....BRAT ! Yes , it seems that way.....
I've a question for you though , why can't I post pics of my babies ? I'm on a Macintosh and I can get the pic up . But , there's no where to attach . Any ideas about that ? Thanks sweetie !!!!!! *S*

Angel I know , gross isn't is ? How do people live like that .......
Ewwwwwwwww , is correct ! *LOL* Glad that they are not POOING on the walls . *cringes* I couldn't hang with that at all ! That's just plain NASTY...

Ok , I have ton's of other mail to respond to . Again , Thanks so much . Now ya know why I call Ya''ll my 's

Take care ,

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Your reply just came in as I was typing . I read your post and I didn't "HIT" him , a simply popped his Hiney lightly and said NO ! But it seems that he's that sensitive....How else to handle it when you're frustrated ? I am human , it happens . I've placed him in the areas that are Linoleum and kept him there while I was gone . 3 days now . What ?! You're making me look like some kind of Beast here . Not true at all , I love my cats...Jeez......
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Asim is also very sensitive, my other 2 cats are just kinda like yeah whatever lady I'll cut it out but lets do something else!
I have to be careful on the tone of voice I use with Asim, or how I plan to remove him from some place he's not suppose to be (on top of my computer desk for one!)
Me I just say "Asim, get down." If he doesn't move I come up to him and give a little nudge to his sitting bum and say "get down Asim" he normally does it then.
He doesn't startle very well at all, but if I do ever yell at him he takes it to heart, I can see it in his face, and he sulks (which isn't very often, mostly from past experiences.) So now adays when he does something bad I just stop the behavoir and then I talk to him and explain the situation (Am I nuts? Sure ok!)
I think he generally understands me though =p

If Asim pee's somewhere he's not suppose to, I just have to take it in stride and not feel much emotion at all, but as I said I do talk to him about it, and I tell him what I'm going to do to hopefully make it so he wont feel the need to pee or poo inapproprately again.
I think as you own Bently for longer, you'll learn his triggers, after Asim shapped up there has only been 2 seperate incidence where he "retaliated" to a sitiation, and they were due wholy on my part. But I think for anyone who can identify the reason why something happened and how to prevent it is doing a better job then a lot of other pet owners out there!
You've said yourself that he is sensitive, so always keep that mind set when you find him doing something that he shouldn't be doing. Think before you act, if you don't it can get worse.
Good luck again! And where's more pix of Bently for me??
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