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2 month old baby mauled by 6 week old puppy?

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That seems odd to me, but investigators seems convinced that it was the puppy that killed him. Both his parents and grandmother were in the house at the time. The baby had been left in a swing unattended.


Not to be too graphic, but how did they not hear the baby scream?
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Okay, this is how large a six week old black lab puppy is.

I have my doubts that the puppy would have mauled a baby. I mean, it's a baby itself! I'd be checking into Mom and Grandma if I were the Police.
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Police are not sure how the baby was killed without the parents realizing it was happening. Police said the child was unattended in a baby swing for an undetermined amount of time. They were questioning the child's grandmother, who was also in the home.
Well, THAT may explain it.
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Something is not quite right here. I am a mother and my infant daughter was never left unattended. That is a case of neglect, at least. But something tells me that there is more to this story.
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What's even more sad is that they didn't bother really investigating enough....

They just put the puppy to sleep. Unbelievable

There is definately more to this story...
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I'm sorry, but I have 10 week old XL breed puppies at my house right now. They're 20 lbs. The lab puppy was probably like....I dunno, 10 lbs tops.

I think the cause of death was stupidity.
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I would guess the puppy was playing. I have heard of dogs going after infants in swings and I think the movement makes them look like a toy or prey. A puppy that young most likely saw the movement and started playing, puppies have very sharp teeth and if not taught to have soft mouths they can bite hard when playing.
I can't believe they euthanized the puppy! I doubt it was dangerously aggressive at 6 weeks.
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Why did the puppy have to die because the parents were negligent in watching this 8 week old baby? I hope they come down hard on the parents and grandmother.
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Yeah, this is pretty big news here. Very sad. Seems odd to me that they wouldn't hear the baby cry or scream. But the mother was very young (17). Her mother was in the house at the time too though. How long do you leave your 2 month old unattended in the swing? Actually, isn't 2 months old a little young for a swimg?
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Originally Posted by Telynn View Post
Yeah, this is pretty big news here. Very sad. Seems odd to me that they wouldn't hear the baby cry or scream. But the mother was very young (17). Her mother was in the house at the time too though. How long do you leave your 2 month old unattended in the swing? Actually, isn't 2 months old a little young for a swimg?
That's what I was thinking...
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URGH! I will NEVER EVER agree with what they did. Putting down a 6 week old puppy just because it "killed" the baby?!

They neglected the baby, hence caused the death of the innocent DOG...

Heck, if they cared little enough to have left the kid alone with a dog, why should it be the dog's fault?! He probably thought the kid was a chew toy or something.

I'm completely FURIOUS right now... Its taking a lot of self-restraint not to type more flowery stuff here at those people who decided to kill the puppy and spare the adults.

I say they should go down with the dog... darned sods...
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
That's what I was thinking...
Oh the article says it was a baby swing. I'm thinking it was one of these http://images.google.com.sg/images?h...y+swings&gbv=2

That makes things even stranger since baby swings often have these contraptions which keep the baby seated within the swing. Is it possible for a puppy to have somehow unbuckled the baby and carried it out and then proceeded to maul it to death? I'm pretty darned sure NOT.

Speculation: Folks did not bother to buckle baby in. Baby fell out, cracked head and died, dog thought it was chewtoy hence the bite marks.

Man, if they do further investigations and my speculation is correct, I hope the soul of that puppy will haunt them forever and ever.
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Something really stinks about that incident, that's for sure.
Here is an update:

The black Labrador retriever puppy, which Tulsa Animal Shelter Manager Jean Letcher described as nearly 3 months old, was euthanized at the request of the police.

Now detectives are trying to determine what might have led the dog to bite the child.

"The Lab puppy was euthanized to recover evidence, and there was physical evidence recovered from the dog," Ashley said.
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I think that the family should have to give up the baby. Two innocent creatures have lost their lives due to the ignorance and neglect of the mother and the grandmother.
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Something is definately wrong here.

How in God's name did no one not hear that baby crying when it was being bit by the puppy.

This is so sad, it makes me sick to my stomach. A baby and a puppy are both dead because of stupidity. I swear people are so stupid.

I really hope they find out what did happen to that precious baby.
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That seems strange to me. How do you not here a baby screaming and why was he by himself. Its terrible taht the dog was pts.
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Who caught this comment?
RockBoston, (7/31/2008 9:46:09 AM)
I think you are all to quick to fry the mother. If you read the story you would see that Grandpa and daddy put the baby in the room knowing that the mother was asleep on the other end of the house. So from that point of view the 2 men are responsible for enabling the attack to happen not the women. In order to prove neglect you have to prove imtent, and clearly the men were the enablers...

The TPD put down the lab so that they could gather evidence. Dosen't that mean they had no evidence untill after they killed the dog? Sounds like a botched investigation to me.
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Ugh! That is just digusting to read that they put the puppy down due to neglectful parents! I highly doubt the puppy had all these intentions to maul and kill a baby. Why were there so many people in the house, yet no one could watch the baby!? Sounds like a bunch of unfit people to be around a kid.

I wonder how old the baby's daddy is ... because the parents sound very inexperienced (well if they are BOTH 17, that could explain a lot) to leave a baby by itself in a swing...
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It looked like the dad wasn't much older then the mom. But if either one of them, dad or granddad took the baby out of his crib and left him in the swing while the two females (mom and grandma) were still asleep, then they are responsible. That is only one step from leaving that baby completely alone in the house.

I think the reason they needed more evidence from the inside of the puppy is that there was another dog in the house. A small pug. So they suspected the puppy because it was the bigger dog, but they probably wanted to be sure. I don't think anything has happened to the pug.
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Wow...this is so sad all around. There are too many things wrong here. Leaving an 8 week old baby alone in a swing is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Then leaving the puppy alone with the baby in a swing was even worse. They just turned that baby into a big play toy for the puppy.

I still have a difficult time reasoning that a puppy that young could do that much damage. But, puppies do have those little needle teeth that could do damage to the tender skin of such a young child if it bit the right spots.

Everyone loses in this situation. The puppy, the child and the family. I'm curious to see how the police rule on this. So very sad and the deaths were all all totally preventable.
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I "like" the protective order the mother had filed against the father last year.


edited to add:
More vagueness

The child's body was taken to the state medical examiner's office, where the cause of death is pending, said Randy Saffell, a spokesman for the office.

Saffell said it may take up to 12 weeks to receive all the test results to determine exactly how the infant died.
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Something is not adding up that's for sure.

Why were the other animals seized from the house? Why is there a picture of a pug on a control stick? Yikes....
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When they first arrived at the house, the police didn't know for sure which dog had mauled the baby. So they took both dogs in. I think they figured out pretty fast the pug was too small to have done it. I don't know what happened to that dog. I would imagine the family really doesn't want to deal with a dog right now.
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Judging by the pic of the pup in the article, he is probably close to 10 lbs...infant child...probably about the same weight; only even more defenseless than a puppy, who has teeth, and probably untrimmed claws.

If the baby was indeed left alone, as, was undoubtedly, the puppy, for an 'undetermined amount of time' then I could honestly see this actually happening, but it's not because the puppy actually was trying to hurt the baby; he didn't know any better, and just kept 'playing' with the unresisting baby until he got bored... Perhaps when he did get bored, he simply lay on the child, causing him to smother...who knows...

I do hope they don't stop at labeling this simply a 'dog related death'...the parents WERE responsible for this baby's death, either way...WHO in their right mind leaves their baby alone so long that they don't even know how long it's been? Seriously???? And that they left him low enough, and with the dog running loose? The grandfather should have known not to leave baby down so low...he's raised children! At the least they should have made sure to shut the dog up in a separate room...I'm geussing they were just used to doing this sort of thing, and then, bam...it ALL went wrong...
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Very tragic.
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I can't understand how a 2 month old was left for an hour and half? Not even in a crib which would make some sense if the baby had been sleeping. Aren't 2 month olds young to be in a swing? I don't recall putting my daughter in a swing that young.
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Well, the newest info is that it was the mother that put the baby in the swing and then went back to bed. They are looking at her past problems with drugs and drinking. They think she might have been too drunk to hear the baby scream. They are also going to do sound tests to see if it is reasonable that she should or shouldn't have been able to hear anything from where she was. So it isn't over yet.
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The only way I could see a puppy killing a baby would be by laying on it and smothering it!

I mean maybe if it took a nip and caught a vein or something, but still...

Poor puppy...

Poor baby...
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I blame the parents for leaving the baby and the puppy alone unsupervised. Puppies will nip and bite in play. Doesn't take much to hurt. But "maul" - that I find a little hard to believe.

The baby would have been crying/screaming if the puppy nipped too hard. A 6-week old lab puppy doesn't have very big teeth!
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That mom should be locked up in jail. SHE caused the death of her kid, not the poor, innocent puppy. Oh, and since she's underage and still "under the care" of her mom (the baby's grandma), they grandparents should be thrown in jail too. They are responsible for their daughter who caused her daughter's death.

I feel for the poor baby and puppy who did not get to experience much of a life.

I am saddened and sickened, to say the least.
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