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Vibes needed for travels

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I have two exams tomorrow and then I am driving to my parents house in Chicago and then on Saturday I will be leaving to go see my girlfriend. It is about a 7 hour drive between Chicago and Canada but traffic will hopefully be light. I will be in Canada for a week so I need vibes for a safe trip and that nothing goes wrong.

Tom is staying with my parents and seems to be looking foward to the trip, I keep finding him sleeping next to or on top of the suit case so I know he is ready to get out of here. I need to take the trash out and maybe do the dishes before I leave but I don't know how ambitious I am felling. I also need to pack up things to keep me entertained because my girl has to work from 11-8 Tuesday-Thursday so thats a lot of time spent by my self so I need to figure out something to do. I am bringing a few books with me so I might read, and I am bringing my lap top with me so I will keep you guys posted on how things are going.

I am looking forward to seeing my mom again and being able to judge for my self how she is doing. I am going with her to pt on Friday so it will be fun to see the progress she is making. I don't know if I want to get in the car with her so I might treat her and drive. I think we might go shopping after that and then I am going to go home and do some yard work.

Can you also send vibes that it won't be so fricken hot in Chicago when I'm there because I am going to be doing yard work and if its above 77 degrees I will have very little ambiton and a VERY bad attitude about it. I HATE hot weather and its supposed to be in the upper 80's. Thankfully my parents don't have a huge yard so mowing will only take about an hour to an hour and a half tops and my mom said that the hedges didn't need to get done(thank god). Though my dad does want the fence and shed painted so thats going to be a pain in the butt.

Anyway just send vibes and prayers and I will keep you guys posted on how it is going.
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for your trip and for your family. Drive safe!
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Have fun on your trip! I was going to say don't forget the laptop so you can be on TCS 24/7, LOL, but I see you covered that contingency!

Icky...upper 80s and humidity. I remember those days!
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Yeah I can't wait to see her again, the next two days are going to go by painfully slowly I think. I got all packed up(should have been studying) tonight and Tom decided he didn't want to leave anymore and hid under the bed while I did the final packing. It will be interesting to see how his attitude changes tomorrow because like it or not he's coming with me to Chicago.
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Good luck to you and Tom and your family

It has been really hot here too, upper 80's, lower 90's. Chicago might be a little cooler though, I think they just had a front come through but I'm not for sure on that.

I hope Tom doesn't give you any trouble when you're trying to leave Kitties have a way of "knowing" and finding good hiding spots!
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