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Milk still in her?

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Ok yesterday i picked up Cabezona and i noticed she still had milk in one of her breast(not sure what its called) but doesnt have any kittens anymore. Im not even sure if its milk, could it be something else? Im taking her to the vet as soon as cash my check also taking tiger in for a check up.Just wanted to check here first.
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Did she have Kittens? My Coco had milk for over 6 months.
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She did have 2 kittens but they didnt make it.
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When were the kittens born? Coco had 5 kittens 6 years ago today and 2 were dead. How long ago they she have the ones that died?
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They were born on july 9th and the first one died 2 weeks after being born and the last one a week after the first one died.
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Her milk should be going down soon. My Brothers Cat lost a litter and she had milk for 3 months.
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