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Motorway cat....SURVIVED!!!

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I'm soooooo happy, have just got the best news!!!!!!

In may, we were on our way to the vets with marvin for his routine jabs early in the morning, driving down the motorway. suddenly we see something rolling out from beneath the car infront, i though it was a black bin bag or something. then the thing stops rolling & pokes up a little cat head, just laying there in the middle of the motorway in rush hour. cars are doing 70mph+. before i can finish saying 'its a cat' my boyfriend had pulled the car over into the verge & i was jumping out of the car, running into oncoming traffic to get this cat before it gets hit again. honestly the sight of this cat just laying in the road all dazed haunts me. apparently 8 cars had to swerve to miss me while i got to the cat. just as i got to it, it kind of came to, looked very shocked & ran as fast as it could, with me in hot pursuit. all the while my boyfriend with marvin in tow is being asked to move along by the police, insisting that he can't cuz his girlfriends just gone running up the motorway after a cat!!!! the cat out-ran me into some brambles/thorns & after a protracted search that left me covered in cuts we had to call it a day. we went to the vets & told them what had happened (me crying thinking this poor cat had died in some brambles centimetres away from me calling it). we went home consoling ourselves with the fact that at least we tried to help & that the cat didn't get run over again - which it definately would have.

i went to the vets today for the first time since & they told me that someone brought the cat in as a rescue emergency the next day & that it had survived!!!!! i'm soooo happy!!

ironically, my marvin died the week later. it's like if we hadn't have gone to the vets that day, that cat may have died. everything happens for a reason!!!
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Wow....great story! I'm glad to see the cat survived.

Sorry for your loss though....may Marvin RIP...
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That is so heartwarming except for the news about Marvin. Did the persons that brought the cat into the vet want to keep the cat?
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i don't know, unfortunately the girl at the vets only knew the cat came in & was ok. thats enough for me!! im just so pleased to know it's ok, its been on my mind ever since. i must've looked a right nutter charging into traffic, oh well, worth it!!!!!!
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Yep it was worth it alright, even though you didn't manage to catch the cat. Someone may have seen you hurtling through the traffic after the cat and went to rescue it after your attempt

I'm so sorry about Marvin though .. May he rest in peace
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What a bittersweet story. I'm so sorry about Marvin.
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You should adopt the kitty!

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i would love to, but i've already got 2 indoor girls & my home isn't massive. i said to my partner the other day actually, that i bet somehow i end up owning that cat. i think somehow i'll end up with him - perhaps in a few years when i have a bigger house or something he'll turn up. stranger things have happened. i also wondered if somehow (this sounds mad) marvin took that cats fate - it just seemed so strange that it was only for marv going to the vets that we happened to be there to save the cat in the first place. then marv died suddenly less than a week later (he only went to the vets for annual jabs that i'd booked on a whim 2 days before). it's kind of like that motorway cat was meant to survive. i also thought, if we weren't going to the vets, i would have had no way of reporting it to them & being able to find out the outcome later. also, what were the chances of that cat being run over & taken to MY vet??? there are soo many vets where we live, but mine in particular is quite out of the way. it's all a bit odd & i've probably thought about it too much!!!
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motorway, Brambles and verge.

3 things I've never heard of an only understand that motorway must mean freeway
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"The English and Americans are separated by a common language."
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hehe. motorway is indeed freeway. brambles are horrible densely growing thorny, spikey plants & a verge is a bit of grass/trees etc that grows by the site of the freeway/motorway.
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And we won't even go into tyre, kerb, bonnet, and boot...
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
And we won't even go into tyre, kerb, bonnet, and boot...
Which can all be found on a saloon car (except the kerb where it is parked).
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