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Thursday's Dt

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It is 3:00 Pm and no DT! Where is everyone?? I was out most of the day,buying food,cig,bird seed and cat food! That was at 4 different store's!Feel's like I have done nothing but run all day! Just now catching up on e-mail& TCS.LDG is back,where you been ?
Hop everyone has a nice day! Be safe,and support the troop's!
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I've been at work ALL DAY. I just got off for my lunch break at 3pm!! I'll be heading out again soon to go back. Just thought I'd see how everyone is doing. I'm still on cloud nine from finally picking out a cat.
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I think people are still watching a lot of TV because of things unfolding in Iraq. I hope everyone is having a better day than I've had. My students were really rowdy today, because Spring Break starts on Monday. One poor girl lost several family members, and is inconsolable. To top it all off, it's snowing right now. It's almost 9:30 p.m. here, and I think I'm going to go to bed and stay there for about twelve hours! Have a good Friday.
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jcat, I'm so sorry to hear about your student (and the snow). Hugs to all.

Viva - a new kitty? I've missed so much!! Congrats. Name? He? She? Colors? Kind? PICTURES??????

Sherral - thanks for noticing! UGH. It's been awful. The car died last friday. WAAAAAAAAA. We need a new one. The dealership wants the loaner back, so we have to rent one now. We had 265,000 wonderful miles on our Saabi.... We've actually had to WORK a lot. We completed a "Wall Street" crossword puzzle (I mean we created it!). Anyone want to try, I'll e-mail it to you! We've had to head into NYC several times - lots of customer stuff. Gary's been sick on top of it. We were at the Dentist Tuesday. I'm getting a new crown, and Gary is having 14 gum-line cavities taken care of (in four visits). OUCH! And he is SUCH a baby about it. I have to hold his hand... Of course, my crown they had to saw off. I'm such a "man" about it and he's such a word I won't use here.... (But it begins with "w" and ends in "ss") LOL!

... I'm beginning to think the expression "Be a Man" is missing a "wo" in it !!!!

The good news is we took one of our customers out to La Cote Basque, which is currently the second-best rated french restaurant in NY. YUMMMMMMY. (And they're not french. The chef became a U.S. citizen in 1952 and is rated one of the top 10 U.S. chefs of all time... just to forestall any complaints about our visiting a "french" establishment).

And today? Gary is sick in bed, and I'm playing hookey with him... by spending all my time here today! Boy is it hard to catch up when you miss more than just a few days!!!
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It's so strange, isn't it, that life, with its struggles and joys, goes on as usual, while men, women, and children die half way across the world. Streets attract looters and buildings turned to rubble become places of curiosity to those who haven't suffered a personal loss. And yet our dearest friends across the world lived like that through two world wars. How blessed we have been in the United States and Canada! We don't know what that kind of suffering is. And yet, our allies went on with their lives as best they could, because they had no choice. My parents met, fell in love, were married, and had two children in Gt. Britain under those circumstances. War is such a horrible thing. I so hope it's over soon.

PA is having a chilly week. I'm looking forward to warm weather again after the weekend. Jcat, my heart breaks for your student and her family! I'm so glad you're there to comfort her. How difficult it must be for you to explain why her family is dead.

Laurie, bless your heart. I wrote to you. Opera, indeed! Hmmmph!
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I'm in late because I had a job interview, this morning and then went to see my parents. Mom was in the hospital, for three days, my dad detailed my nieces to call me and they claim that they couldn't reach me. Bovine excrement! After four rings, my phone goes to voice mail.

Anyway, Mom is OK. The chest pains were from a pulled muscle. She uses her left arm, to pull herself up in bed.

While I was on the road, Sam called. Mark is planning on bailing out of his treatment program. When he was in rehab, he got involved with some bimbo music video producer and he thinks that she's going to take care of him. He's trying to reach her, to buy him a plane ticket home. Mark thinks that he's going to move in with either me or my parents. WRONG! We are not going to abet his misbehavior. If he shows up here, I'll give him the address of the Salvation Army shelter.

His counselor called my parents and me, to give us a heads up and we are united, on this. Doesn't that kid remember what a hard-nosed broad, that I am?

BTW: I got the job.
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Hey Cindy, Congrats on the job!!!! Sorry about your mom, but I'm glad it isn't more serious.

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Cindy, I'm grateful your Mom is ok. I loved the expression "bovine excrement!" It just illustrates the fact that we can say what we mean without getting vulgar! Very creative--and it made me laugh!
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katl8e - COngrats on the job! Too bad you had bad news to go with the good, but that is great that they made you an offer at the interview!
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Cindy Congrats on the job!!! That's wonderful for you (even if we won't see you here as much ) I hope Mark reconsiders that decision. It won't be good for him in the long run, even if it is what he wants now.

Jeanie, you are such a compassionate lady. Thanks for reminding us of things we tend to forget just watching it play out on TV.

Laurie have fun playing hookey today. Sorry about Saabi, I remember the feeling when I had to give up my Baby Bug and I didn't have her near as long.

jcat, I'm so sorry for your student. That has to be hard for your whole class.

So Viva, how many days until you pick up that baby girl???

Sherral, thanks for starting the DT. I hate days like that, feels like your running in place.

Today has been a day! I'm all over-emotional and I don't know why, but it's driving me nuts. Earl snapped at me and I started crying. I offered to put up a request for Board Magic for my friend, make sure it was OK with her, and I started crying, which almost started her crying (She's a Cancer like me). ARG! No More Crying! It's not even stuff worth crying about, that's what is so darn annoying. I have to laugh about it or else I would probably start crying again. LOL
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Heidi, all I have to say is....

Hope this doesn't make you cry some more!
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aww ((((hugs))))

is this "your time" of the month? it could explain "I'm all over-emotional and I don't know why"

Today is my day four at work, meaning it's my last day then I get my weekend! It's amazing how fast the week goes by. I think my job is $cr3w!ng me over though for shifts...

Other than that, just another boring day. Oh! My best friend just bought her very first house, what can I do for her other than give her a congrats card? that's reasonably cheap...?
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Congrats on the job, Cindy!! I hope Mark makes the right decision. My brother, who is still in high school, went away for over a year to a special psychiatric institution. Since he's young, he went back to living with my dad when he got out. My dad tries to keep him on the straight and narrow, but it's tough sometimes. It's so easy for someone to slip backwards if they aren't careful. I hope everything works out.

Laurie, good luck with the car situation!!! Hope things go OK.

Heidi, hope you feel better!!! ((HUGS))

Oh, and I bring my kitty home somewhere in late late May or early June -- the date isn't set yet, it depends on when she gets spayed. Laurie, she's a female, born 3/4/03. A Ragdoll. Blue mitted. Soooooo cute!!!!! I haven't picked out a name yet, but I'm working on it. (I'm having such a hard time narrowing it down, I may end up asking you guys for help!!) LOL Happy Thursday everyone!
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You don't have to get expensive gifts! Maybe a nice tablecloth? Or a set of placemats and napkins? How about napkin rings for "formal" dinners?

Other than furniture, I don't really know what people need when they move into a house from an apartment.

A ladder? LOL! One of those second-floor fire-escape ladders that unroll from a window? Let her know you care!

(Thanks Viva! I finally caught up on everything I'd missed, and I saw your thread!! She's so cute!!!!!)
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Where does she live? Get her a snow shovel, those should be on sale now. Garden hose, maybe some gardening tools if she's into that. A coupon for one day of your help to get the place up to snuff (painting or whatever) if you are close to her.

Hmmm, no it's not that time for me (that's what my co-worker asked too! ) Maybe it's a sign that the Depo is finally clearing out of my system - five months later!
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Well its been another day at the vets for us, my husband took them for me, my kitten Griffin has been battling a URI since the 1st of march when I adopted him, and he has been on all kinds of antibiotics and was getting better, and now today he has a fever of 105. My vet gave him an injection to help bring the fever down and more antibiotics so I'm hoping this will help. Also my 8 year old chihuahua is sick too, she has a collapsed trachea so she had to have injections and antibiotics and cough supressants. They have to go back tomorrow for a follow up, hope everything improves! Luckily I dont work so I can be here with them all the time. Keeping up with 7 cats and 2 dogs is a full time job though.
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