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Originally Posted by purrrplej View Post
Hi - recently on The Cat Site there was a discussion of whether people's cats had middle names. That got me thinking, how did everyone's cat(s) get their name(s)?

Simba actually started out as Sabrina, just because I liked that name - and the pet-store folks assured me that the kitty was a female. When I took him to the vet for the first time, though, I was advised that I might want to change "Sabrina's" name! I just chose Simba because it was close enough to Sabrina to, hopefully, not confuse him too much. Plus, it was appropriate, since it was not too far removed from the days of "The Lion King," and I guess "Simba" means "lion," and he looks like a little lion, being an orange tabby.

Murray was named after Murray Head, who sang "One Night in Bangkok" in the '80s. I chose it because Bangkok is in what used to be Siam, and Murray is a Siamese. I also wanted an '80s connection because when Murray ran into my apartment with me that fateful night he "adopted" me, I happened to be on the phone with a friend who totally loves the '80s.

So, how did your kitty/kitties get their name(s)?
Persi was a typo, I left the an off the end and decided to keep that as his name.
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Scooter got his name from a Ron White comedy routine.
Pearl was the same color as the pearl white bike I used to have, with her shiny white fur.
Pepper was Pepe' Le Pew when we got her because she had a dislocated hip and would fall down in the litter box, and always smelled bad. Then we found out she was a girl, and she stopped falling down in the litter box, so we changed it.
Fluffy is named after Eric Cartman's cat from South Park.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
Scooter got his name from a Ron White comedy routine.
i know that one!
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Well my Blue got her name because of her eyes, we took one look at her and that was the first word we both thought of. We call her tiny also because she is so small. We also call her Kazootle as a nickname, believe it or not she answers to all of them! Marley on the other hand is another story. When we first saw him we immediately thought of a little lion, so I wanted to name him Marley because of a Bob Marley poster I saw with a lion on it. My boyfriend wanted to name him Mr. Beans because of his personality. And his name at the shelter was Buff Rascal. So his full name is Marley Buff Rascal Beans. We usually just call him Beans, Marley, or Mr Beans though.
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When we got our tabby kitten from the rescue she was a little scratchy and one of the workers described her as a "little cow". so when we named her she became Ermintrude who is the cow from "The Magic Roundabout". She is always called Minnie or just Min and she has grown to be a sweet girl.
My son named our other cat.....Gingy, and yes he is a ginger tom
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Lets see

Austin is named after the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. When I got Austin as a kitten wrestling was really popular and my son used to watch it alot. The kitten and my son used to wrestle so Austin kinda stuck.

Frisky- Such a common name but it truely fits him. He is always getting into some type of mischief, crawling through the heating ducts, getting up in the ceiling tiles you name it.

Priss or Miss Priss is just like the name suggests she is always concerned with her looks, constantly grooming, checking herself in the mirror walks around like the Queen.

Jack oh what can I say about Jack he is six toed on each foot and just the cutest thing ever. He was a true feral hated everyone and anything. Hissed, jumped at you but still showed up for breakfast every morning and dinner every night. One day he mananged to get himself into a box we had outside the door. We walked out and all the sudden this cat sprung out of the box like a Jack in the box. So we started calling him Jack. After that day he claimed the box as his and would sleep in it. One night I went outside to give the ferals some left over chicken pot pie we had had for supper as a treat. That was it, Jack was in love with pot pie lol. He let me pet him that night because he was just so into his pot pie and we have been friends ever since. No hissing, biting nothing and now he lives in the house where he gladly rolls on his back for belly rubs.

Domino a black and white tuxedo kitty. I call him Domino because he looks like one. All black with one white spot on his chest and one on his face. If you look at him from the front it looks like the Domino for 2. He is another Jack. He is a male feral who is not people friendly at all and very crafty I can't trap him to TNR him for anything. He will hiss and strike at you but at night he sits on the stoop of our front door when we have it open and watches us inside. He wants to be close but not that close it is so cute. When I come outside he will come running from where ever in the area he is and sit about 10 feet from me and listen to me talk to him. He follows me around but if I attempt to approach him he hisses at me. I have nick named him Hissy boy.

Sophie/Sophia is just a name that seemed to fit the baby nothing special about how she got her name.
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Monster.. well when the guy who found him gave him to me, he was 4 weeks old & the guy thought he was a girl.. he was calling Monster "Misty". when i bought him home tho, my boyfriend didnt like Misty.. so i thought about it & named him Bella still thinking he was a girl. he was really really bad, so he had alotta nicknames, one of them being Monster. so when i noticed his thingys dropping, i asked the vet if he was really a girl or a boy like we were starting to think. the vet confirmed that he was a boy, i couldnt think of what to name him, so his nickname Monster just stuck. My boyfriend claims he can tell by a cats face whether theyre a boy or girl.. he said he knew all along that he was a boy, & he did always say he thought he was a boy before the vet told us.

Mittens belonged to my boss.. she couldnt think of what to name her, so my bfs mom(who works at the same place as me) came up with Mittens bc she has lil white paws.
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Salem got his name from his previous owner after a cat on a tv show. Rocko got his name from a close friend who's cat had died and had the name Rocko so we decided it would be nice to honor him by using the same name.
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Callie-She's a Calico.

Tolstoy- He is a Russian Blue!
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When we first got him, his name was Jonesy. Yeah, we were not going to keep that. So we started tossing names around. I liked the name Jinx but my sister's friend had a cat named Jinx, and I didn't think it was that original... my mom liked the name Felix, I wasn't digging it so much but we decided to try it out for a while. It just wasn't fitting... he was Mr. Kitty for a while and we eventually just decided that he looked like a Jinx. So it stuck, but honestly we never call him that, he usually just gets called "kitty" lol.

Jinx has actually turned out to be very fitting for him--poor guy has been pretty jinxed!
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I have had a long string of cats in my life. The first two were strays who wandered into our garage when I was about 5. Brother and sister, they found us from a sheep farm nearby. The male (who later died of feline leukemia) we named Smokey since he was grey, and the female we named Scruffy, due to her long fur. Remember, my sister and I were young, so we weren't very sophisticated in our naming at the time!

One night when I was in eighth grade, while my dad and I were out for a walk, we came across a fluffy orange cat. She followed us home and became part of the family. This was the late nineties and I was (as most young girls) obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, so I named her Backstreet.

My sister got a kitten who she named Kivrin after a favorite sci-fi book character, my mom had a kitten named Zoe Constanza after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's wife, and I named my baby, Thora, after the greek God Thor, since she is grey. Our new kitten, Eli's full name is Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin... named by by partner because he likes random Americana
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My cats have names that DBF and I chose.
Blondie was named by DBF because she is blonde. She also answers to Mama Kitty or Queen B.

Her son is names Hercules because he's HUGE and DBF likes a song where the cats name was Hercules. He thought it'd be cool. Hercules also answers to Baby Boy, Hurk or Hurky.

Al got her name from her father who she looks just like. We thought she was a boy at first and since we weren't even allowed to look at her, we had no way of knowing her sex. It wasn't until we trapped her and her mama and brother to have them fixed (she was 5 mos. old) that we found out that he was a SHE. She also answers to Allykins, Al (only when she's in trouble for being mean) or The Predator.

Sunny got his name because when we found him he was a tiny orange puff ball. His long hair was very light at the roots and bright orange at the tips. He reminded me of the sunshine so I named him Sunny. Sunny answers to Sunshine or Shiney Kitty. He's a great cat and is the only indoor cat we have.
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Zorro- Named for many different reasons. First, because I have always loved the Zorro movies, I think they are awesome! Second, he is half siamese and has the blue points, meaning a dark mask across his eyes. As he grew up the mask got bigger, but it still is a mask over his face, making him look pretty heroic. Third, as a kitten he would look so cute as he went on a high place (to him, though it was usually just the seat of the couch ) and would puff up his chest all proudly like a little hero. Fourth, he was always a more rough-and-tumble kind of cat, basically killing all his toys we like to joke he's always taking out the badguys!

Also, he got the middle name Zeus because he thinks he is king of even the gods!

Sasha got named by my mom, (I was drawing a blank) it sounded like a more pretty and feminine name, suiting her just perfectly.
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Mary was named after my grandmother who I loved more than anything. When she passed away I was sad for a very long time. When I got Mary I just knew it was right for her. My grandmother was a beautiful pure force of nature just like my Mary.
Seldon from a Sci-fi book.
Cleo is also called Clee Clee sometimes. My daughter named him.
Saffron because she has yellow eyes and when I was taking her to the vet I kept thinking about that song from the 60s. 'I'm just mad about Saffron, she's just mad about me....' The main chorus is 'they call me Mellow Yellow'. She is very mellow and easygoing.
Sachi-Because it means so many different things in different languages.
Lucia-Because I felt like the happenings of my strays and ferals in my yard was like an Italian opera. My ex is from Italy and my daughter can speak Italian so we decided the theme for our rescues will be Italian.
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When I was growing up my cat, The Bean, was originally named Smokey. My aunt recommended the name because she was gray. I was a pretty small kid when we first got The Bean and I always talked about how the pads on her feet looked like beans...yeah, I was a weird kid. But, it wasn't long before we started calling her Bean, which later morphed into The Bean shortly after when we realized that she was going to rule the house indisputably.

When my husband and I were in the process of adopting our Ringo, they originally told us that she was a boy, so we had decided on the name Ringo right off as we're both Beatles fans and she just kind of looks like a Ringo. After our second visit to the shelter they told us that, in fact, she is a girl. The name the shelter had given her was "Gertie" and we didn't think that she was much of a Gertie at all, so Ringo stuck. We also heavily use the nickname Ringus. No idea where that came from!
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Well, Snowball and Poppet is what happens when you give an 8 and 10 yr old free rein to name you new kittens.

I can clearly remember sitting in the back of the car with the cat box on the seat going through names that began with snow - Snow White, Snow Flake, Snowman, Snow drift :p I think it was my Mum who said Snowball to shut me up. Poppet was named because my sis thought she looked really sweet, and my Mum has a thing for the name Poppy (which Pops is normally called). Unfortunatly, our surname starts with P so niether of us could be called Poppy.
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Wow my cats seem to name them selves - for me it seems like cats respond better to some names I try better then others
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Quill was named mainly for his beautiful tail because it looks like a floofy feather, not because he's prickly. He was originally named Chopper which just didn't suit him.
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Loki is the Norse god of mischief! Appropriate as he was beating up cats twice his size when we went to pick him up!

Our second Fenrir ( Fenny ) was basically daddied by Loki since his arrival so it follows on as Fenrir was Loki's son in mythology!

Yuki is our latest addition and hes a pure white - Yuki is Japanese for "snow"
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Dibbs - my little brother called 'dibbs' on naming her ... and then it stuck.

Tavi - He's so little and brave, and disadvantaged, being a stray. One of my favorite book characters is Tavi from The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. He's a small boy with a big heart and the only person in the world who can't do magic.
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I refuse to name my animals human names, they just dont sound right. I also try to go for very odd names that you don't hear very often. Working as a vet tech I think I have seen all the normals and of course I have to be different.

Kricket got her name from the box that she use to go to work with me in. I buy crickets by the 1000's cause I have reptiles and it was the only box I could find at the time. It fit and I just changed it to a "K"

Worm was named by my sister (i always ask her for help naming animals). We were trying to stay on the reptile food names (yes weird I know). It just so happens that my sister noticed I use to keep his dry food that was marinating in water to make it soft in a Superworm container. Worm stuck.

Once again trying to stay on the reptile food names was tough. Nothing really fit the little grey boy. Possum just kinda stuck, he was going to be Gus cause he looked like the lil mouse from Cinderella but that goes against my human name rule and it just didnt fit with the rest of the animal names.

Sloth got his name from my hubbys friend who was showing us houses. I said something about Worm and he thought I was crazy for naming my cat Worm. So as a joke about my Wormies name he called him Sloth (another weird name) and I told him and my hubby that the next cat that found me would be named Sloth. Weird that 2 months later little Sloth found me. (the dog found him)

That's my crew Kricket, Worm, Possum, & Sloth my little boogers that I love dearly.
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Matilda - I had this name on a list of possible names for her because it's the name of my favorite book from when I was a kid (Matilda by Roald Dahl). My SO was joking around about names and he said Matilda. It just stuck. Plus, we like that we can use the nickname Mattie, since her hair is so long. Mattie/Matilda is also the name of another great character from another favorite book of mine, The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsovler.

Chloe - I wish we had picked this name after something, but she really just has this name because we liked it for her. It fits her spunky little personality.

My SO hates human names for pets too, but he's ok with human names that he doesn't think are used anymore. If only he knew how popular 'Chloe' is at the moment for baby girls...
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Sassy was named for my favorite character in the Clive Barker novel Cabal..

Linus hid uder a blanket in his carrier for the first few day I had him so what else would I call him but Linus after the peanuts character.

Pixie got her name because Pixie's are impish creatures that are always up to something....believe me when I say the name fits..
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We named Crackerman after the song off Stone Temple Pilots 's first album.
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