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I am late to this but I am having a big problem with this.
You wrote
Since Monday evening she has been going to the litterbox every 15-20 minutes but not having any bowel movements. On occasion she has diarrhea but nothing too serious I dont think

It sounds like your cat is constipated or at least you think so but yet she is getting meds for diarrhea?
Cats on wet food are less likely to be blocked or get constipation. For diarrhea, you do not nee vet meds. You can get some acidoupholous from a health food store and that should take care of the problem. Best of luck
That is how it started with her last Monday evening when she first started acting "strange". Her visits to the litterbox were literally every 15-20 mins and it continued at this pace until about an hour or so after she visited the vet the following day. The vet did not have a clue as to what might be ailing her and when I mentioned the diarrhea, which up to that point she was still having, she thought that might be the main problem. What I meant by not having a bowel movement was no solid stool was coming out, just soupy runny stool. She took her last pill last night so she is no longer on the medication. Thanks for your feedback though.