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Daily Thread HUMP day July 30th!

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Morning folks!

Only a few more days until I see my man!!!

Thunderstorms here today, but warm..Going to come home after work and do laundry, cleaning, trip stuff.

Not much else goin on...Oh, I think we found a photographer, but we still have to meet with him.

Anyhoo, have a good one!
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Morning All!!

Stormy here as well. Have an early meeting this morning, my boss is going out of town for a few days so we have some things to go over before he leaves.

Other then the early start a pretty typical day ahead..Got the extra tomato's yesterday and made 6 jars of salsa and tonight think I will try my hand at my grandma's chili sauce recipe...made it a couple of times and it turned out really well.

The kitties are good this morning having their breakfast right now..

Everyone have a great day
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Sunny with higher temps but lower humidity today. Closed up the house yesterday morning and it stayed fairly cool all day and evening but was stuffy this morning so opened it up a bit this morning.

Going to a clients shortly, the place I worked at yesterday well he was admitted to hospital Monday evening with possible pneumonia-to me the symptons sounded more in ling with his diabetes so hopefully he is doing ok.

Cats are all settled down for morning nap but Ox didn't eat much moist food this morning, normally he wolfs it down so just another item to watch on him.

Had a critter in the veg garden yesterday-raccoon?? A cornstalk with immature cobs was broken off and the cobs eaten-yikes just when the corn is looking good this year!!

Have a good day!!
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Working 10-6 today. It's great going in late. I was able to sleep in till 7 (besides my regular 5:20 wake up) and eat breakfast, and then do the elliptical. The day will go by so much faster now that I'm going in late too.

Other than working, coming home and relaxing and prob bed early.
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Today is cool and windy, a little bit of sun but thankfully not as hot as it has been

Mitzi is right now asleep next to the window, I am poised ready to sprint to grab her incase she decides to venture out of it

Mom had the day off today again so we've been shopping and went out for lunch. Later on it's exercise lol and then that's about it I think!

Have a good day!
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Good morning all!

Another chilly morning today, but we actually got some sun yesterday, so I'm holding on to hope for today!

My dad is home! Not that that has anything to do with my plans for the day. But, I did end up staying over there far later than expected, so I am quite tired today! We made some Amish friendship bread and, among other feast-y items, we welcomed him home! But I also ended up helping my mom with her accounting again... So that's why I'm so tired!

So plans for today are simple- try to stay awake!! Work is pretty normal, so when it's over, I go home for a shower and nap! Then around dinner time, my mom should come over to my house (that'll be a nice change!), and we'll do a quick dinner and I'll help her again with her accounting.

Evie is good today. I am a very light sleeper, so I often wake up during the night, and Evie is quite a good girl, she no longer wakes me up for cuddles. But, when I woke up at 4 this morning, she was right there for some early-morning love!

Happy hump day!!
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