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I was wondering, how do you get TCS to stop sending me emails everytime i post something and someone posts after me??
I already went to options and clicked NO, to the sending of e-mails, but I still keep getting them. Is there somewhere else I need to go to do that??
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The site was recently moved to a dedicated server. I believe some problems cropped up from that, and this might be one. You might want to PM Anne and let her know.
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Hi there!

i had a similar experience in the beginning.

i think these are the steps:

1. Go to usercp
2. Go to Edit options
3. Go to Use 'Email Notification' by default? Indicate "no"

Hope this helps.

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That is exactly what I did, and I'm still getting emails. I'll have to PM Anne with the problem, thanx
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1. Go to user cp
2. Click "unsubscribe" on the threads you no longer want updates on.
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Tamme is right. You will not receive any emails from new threads you subscribe (or respond) to, but you must go to your User CP and unsubscribe from threads you are still receiving emails on. Otherwise, you will receive emails on these threads until they are no longer active.
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Ok thanx you all, I will do that.
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