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Indy is a rare blue/pink eyed albino!!

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Well I talked to the vet earlier today who later emailed me a report on a newly found allele off the true albino.
And Indy is a perfect case!

Here's the article he sent me:
"Abstract A new albinistic allele in the cat is described and designated blue-eyed albino (symbol c a ). The coat is completely white. The eyes possess a dull red pupil in reduced light and a pale translucent blue iris. Reasons are given for regarding the allele as less extreme than complete albinism. The inheritance of three members of the albino series in the cat has now been reported. In decreasing order of dominance these are full colour (C), Burmese (c b ), Siamese (c s ) and blue-eyed albino (c a )."

I tried getting a better picture of Indy's eyes. They are slightly crystal blue with a bright pink tint, and they reflect red instead of green. But my flash only dulls out the pink.... I can try again tomorrow. We thought he was tipping out orange but it slowly faded away.

Here's a picture of the Pink/Red Shining:

And here's the way the camera makes his eyes look:

And the vet mentioned it to his other friend who now wants to buy Indy for a couple hundred dollars but we've already told everyone no because he's the one we're keeping.
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That is really interesting, I love genetics. I'm glad your still going to keep him.

I really have to say though....Oh my goodness look how big they have gotten!
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Your baby is pretty, but I don't think he's an albino. His eye color is light blue, but I had a blue-eyed white rex that had the same shade and yes when light hits the eyes, it had the normal "red" in them.

One thing to keep in mind - blue eyed whites have a higher tendency to be deaf, so check for that.
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Well I'm not the one who is researching this. The vet told me he's the new strand. So he's no technically albino. I trust my vet on anything she says about my cats. Yeah they did a hearing test on him and he passed it just fine, she's going to check on all of his check-ups. And the only reason his eyes look blue is because of my camera flash, They're more ice blue/pink.
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He is a beauty. Such an unusual kitty.
These kittens are getting so big and I am sure Natty is loving them still.
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Yeah Indy is the biggest, he's already 2 lbs! Everyone else is only about 1.3 to 1.7 lbs.

Natty defiantly has her paws full!! She still finds time to grab and clean them though
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Natty is super cool. I was so happy that she got the chance to be a Mommy.
She is doing fantastic with them.
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