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My cat is urinating on the carpet--please help

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What in the world do I do with my cat that urinates on my carpet and kitchen rug?? I took her to the
vet last week. He said she did not have a bladder infection. I put her in my laundry room which is huge and have two litter boxes--I closed her in so that she would go in the litter boxes. I just caught her urinating on the kitchen rug which is expensive. I moved the table and rolled it up and there are spots underneath-she has gone several times. It smells in the kitchen. It smells in my living room carpet. I love my cat, but I can't take it!!!! I have a dog outside that will chase her if I put her outside. She is 3 years old. She does this from time to time, but it has been awhile. What products will get rid of the scent. I shampooed the carpet a few weeks ago. I don't know how to clean the rug--it's wool. If I get rid of the old scent--will she stop?? Any tips will be greatly appreciated and I will try anything. Thanks
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glad to hear it isn't a UTI!
check out this sticky for some answers: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9563
i'd give suggestions, but the only time mine have had issues is when either the litter box was dirty, or UTIs were present....
welcome to TCS!
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Cats will pee where they have peed before ... and (even if you cant smell it because you have washed the carpet) they can.

I saw this stuff thats supposed to get rid of it and it comes with a black light ... I cant think of the name..... anyone know the product Im talking about?
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I've seen it at petco. I was going to get a blacklight, but I had already gotten a different spray from petco (their brand stain and odor remover) - and getting the blacklight/spray from them seemed expensive - I'll probably get a blacklight from walmart.
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Well, I know that a lot of times cats may pee in other places when they are stressed or something in their (or your) routine has changed. They don't like their routines to be switched around or disrupted somehow, so maybe if you can, try to be regular in your routine so that she will feel a sense of order in the home

When we were taking care of my sister's kitties, my cats were very stressed and one of them peed all over my clean folded clothes But once the visitor kitties went back home, she never did this again.
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I also have a problem with my cat spraying, he's marking because of cats outside. I use the Feliway difuser to calm him down. I also use Urine Gone, it comes with the black light. I also use white vinegar, that really does work, it really takes the order and stains out.
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I have tried every urine remover in the world I think and I found that nothing works better then white vinegar. You really have to saturate it and your house/room will smell like vinegar for a little bit, but once it dries I have never smelled a single bit of urine again and the cats don't go back to the spot.
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Glad I found this thread. One of our cats has randomly started peeing on clothes on the floor and the bathmat. I will try the vinegar, and hopefully we can get him to stop spraying.
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