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Trauma free travel??

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My boyfriend and I will be leaving for vacation in two weeks. My grandmother, who lives 2 & a 1/2 hours away has offered to keep Mishka for the week that we are gone. My parents (who also live 2 & a 1/2 hours away) have offered to meet us half way and do kind of a relay with her, so that neither of us has to make the entire trip. My question is, will this "hand off" traumatize Mishka?? I almost feel like i should make the entire trip so that i can reassure her that everything is ok when leaving her at my grandmothers house. .... I know this may be silly... but i just cant stand the thought of her thinking that i have just handed her over to strange people and not come back for her for a week.
Do any of you have suggestions on how to make this as stress free as possible for her?? She is 10 months old and has never been away from us or stayed anywhere other than our house. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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Hmm, that's a tough one. I understand your concern, I would feel the same way, I would have trouble leaving my kitty like that, even if it was with people I trusted!

If you are only going to be gone for a week, perhaps you can hire a cat-sitter instead who can come and feed the cat, stay with her, give her attention, etc. This way, your kitty will stay in a safe, familiar environment, and although she will miss you, she will have the whole house that smells like you as a comfort, plus her food, water, litter box will stay the same, etc. imo, this would be less stressful than a whole new house with total strangers. Just make sure the cat-sitter is someone you really trust.

Otherwise I would make sure to give your parents blankets or something that smells like you, and your grandmother can lay the blankets out for them to sleep on, and that will be comforting to them.

I wish you and Mishka the best! What a cute name!
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Also, people who aren't used to cats being around (at least recently) aren't as door 'conscious' about cats running out and grandmothers don't always move that fast. It's so much better to leave them home and find someone to help - I bet your vet can recommend someone.
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Does your grandmother have any other pets? Has she had cats before? Were they indoor or outside cats? IMO since your kitty has never travelled before and never been to other houses, it might be more stress on her then you want. Even if you did go the entire distance, it would not matter.

Still would take a few days to adjust and about that time, you'd be done with vacation. She is younger, so that might be a plus factor. An older cat might have a harder time.

How is your cat with strangers? Does she hide or is she bold when people come over? I think it depends on if the grandmother has had pets in the past and how she treated them AND the personality of your own cat.

I'd write down a list of positive and negative about your grandmother and your cat and see which side is more. If too much negative, I'd try to find a cat sitter to come in and take care of your baby till you get back.
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My grandmother has no pets... but has kept mishka for a couple of hours for me in the past when my boyfriend and i have taken her with us for the holidays.... (my grandmother kept her so she wouldnt be all alone in my parents house, she was only a couple of months old then) My grandmother LOVES mishka to death and really really wants to keep her....she's a pretty spunky little lady and has assured me that she will move quickly in and out the door.... I just feel like Mishka will be happier having someone with her in the evenings and at night, and i really do not feel comfortable having someone i dont know coming to take care of her....(i am new to my city, so i do not have anyone yet that i would trust that much with her...) I'm worried though... i dont want to stress her out!!
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Sounds positive to me - since your grandmother has babysat before and the cat is outgoing, I'm sure things will be ok. Just be sure to leave the phone numbers of your vet and emergency vet and an ok letter to treat just in case of a problem!
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I read in one of your other posts that Mishka is currently believed to be in heat, and won't be spayed until next month, presumably after you've returned from vacation. You might want to emphasize to your grandmother that she will therefore need to be extremely vigilant about ensuring that Mishka cannot and does not get out of the house. Even if she's not in heat while under your grandmother's care, her desire to get out and "explore" will likely still be high. I would hate for something like that to happen.
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