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Kitty anger?

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Hmmm......... not sure if she's mad at me for giving her antibiotics or if she's just afraid of being restrained (I suspect it's the latter) but Cleopatra keeps shying away from me. And she's been very...pouncy the past few days - which I think is a good thing, since it means she has more energy, and is probably feeling a bit better (although sh'e still been coughing and sneezing here and there).

I think the main thing is that I pick her up whenever she either goes after wire or hides under my bed, the few times I let her into my room. I usually let go of her if she complains about being cuddled (unless she just did something bad, and I'm moving her somewhere else). She seems to like being in the same room with me, but doesn't want to get close.

Am I on the ball here? I can put up with it, but it makes me a little sad. Especially since she was so sweet before. Anyone think she'll come out of it? Do I just need to leave her alone? (After she's been alone for awhile, she'll come to me and rub herself against me...) But she's been a little more anti-social to me the past couple of days...
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I'm not sure what the full story is here (I am very new!), but it sounds like she was sick? And you had to do some things that made her uncomfortable to get her better.

I think just be really patient with her and let her be for a little while, and she will eventually come back to you and want to be close to you again. Perhaps she is just a little weary of the treatments and needs some time to recover. I'm sure she'll figure out you only love her and that she can trust you again. Just give it some time.
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Definitely leave her alone and let her approach you first. She'll probably go back to her old self unless she smells medicine on you.
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Well, I can now confirm that it's not just me. My fiance was over last night, and she was skittish around him as well (considering a week ago, she was purring in his lap).

Background: She had been sneezing and coughing from time to tme, and I took her to the vet for a check-up. He said that she had a URI and prescribed antibiotics for her

She's still coughing and sneezing from time to time (this morning it sounded halfway between series of coughs and wheezing), but she's eating more, drinking more, going to the litterbox more often, has MUCH more energy, and is finally gaining weight again. So I think she's much healthier, though the sneezing/coughing still bothers me - I'm hoping it'll be gone completely by the time I reach the end of the antibiotics bottle, which should only be another day or so.

But since this past weekend (my parents were over this weekend, and my mom played with her a LOT while my dad and I fixed the fridge), she has seemed much more skittish and much more unwilling to approach people, other than a dash and attack. She seems to be more aggressive, other than the times after I've been in my room for awhile and won't let her in. Then she's affectionate. Oh, and of course she's affectionate when I give her her treats, kitten milk, or the wet food I've been giving her at night.

I'm thinking of nicknaming her "Spastikitty" if this keeps up. I do miss when she was calmly laying in my lap, purring away, though...
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Perhaps she doesn't like your Mom?
Does your Mom play too rough with her?
My younger cat had a TDI and both were on medication.
The four year old cat was harder to get than the one with the TDI.
She acted like I was going to kill her and I had to chase her around the house in order to finally catch her. For a while after the medication was used up and the new test result came out negative, she wouldn't let me pick her up. It took a while but she has relaxed again. Patience helps.
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I don't think she didn't like my mom, since that afternoon, she slept next to her on the couch. Up until Monday, she seemed like a very people kitty, although a very relaxed one. And my mom was just siting on the couch with the fishing pole toy and playing with her; Cleopatra just went after it.

It seems more like she just has a sudden burst of energy and wants to do nothing but play. But she seems to want to stay between 5 to 10 feet away from me (I'm guessing 10 feet as being in the same room - most of the rooms in my condominium aren't that big). I figure that's her feeling better and acting more normally - it's the fact that she keeps dashing away from people that concerned me a bit. The way she acts, it seems as though she's scared of anyone approaching her. She's almost constantly hiding in an "about to pounce" crouch, and dashes of when someone gets within a few feet of her. But she does still seem to miss me when I'm gone for awhile (i.e. work, or working on something in my room, and won't let her in. I need to clean up my room - I think it'll be easier to let her in and keep an eye on her if I do that).

She's still got another day or so on the antibiotics before I run out, I think. After that, I'll call the vet, especially if I still notice her coughing or sneezing. Hopefully, she'll relax again soon after that.
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Well, as of yesterday, she seems to have relaxed somewhat. As soon as I got home from work, I rubbed down all the big groups of wires I could fins with some lemon pledge, so I'm not as worried about her going after them. And there were a couple of times yesterday, where she jumped on me, started kneading and took a catnap right there! She also snoozed next to me while I was eating dinner. Also, for being such a good kitty yesterday, I let her sleep in my room with me for the first time last night. Unfortunately, she woke me up at four in the morning, two and a half hours before I needed to be up, so I had to put her back outside around 4:45. I might try it again on Friday or Saturday night, as long as I'm sure she can make it to her litterbox ok.

Granted, this morning, she did run all the way into the other room when she saw me take out the antibiotics bottle. Can't really blame her, though. Poor kitten. She struggled a little bit less as I was giving her the medicine than she had in the past, though she still turned her head away from the syringe and whined a bit. And managed to get a drop or so spilled onto her chest. I just left it there, in the hopes that she's lick it up as she was cleaning herself, at least. Still, I think she's become resigned to it - especially since she knows I'll give her some KMR right afterwards.
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