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This is my 4000th post.....

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....and boy are my fingers tired!

No wonder my hubby shakes his head whenever I say "Don't worry, I'll only be online for a few minutes". 2 hours later I am still floating about saying "just one more minute".

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone here for becoming such great friends. I can't picture my life without you and this site in it. In the book Anne Of Green Gables, Anne talks about Kindred Spirits and I feel that I have found many kindred spirits here. Thanks for your support and your wisdom - I appreciate it!
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Congratulations Ady!!!!
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Way to go, Ady but I'm closing in on you!
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4000!!! YIKES! Little CARPLE TUNNEL?!?!? LMAO! Kidding...

But it was actually pretty funny when you mentioned about being online for a couple of minutes and it turns out to be hours! HA! That happens to me!
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Me too! Me too!

BUT - this is a WOW! thread! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! (But don't you DARE get carple tunnel!!!!!!)

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Woohoo!!! 4000 posts, goodness!! Congratulations Ady!
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Woohoo!!! Grats, Ady!!!
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Way to go!!!
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OMG Ady!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!

hmm...if I'm not mistaken, when I joined you were around the 1500 mark! *whew*

You go girl!!!!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
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OMG! wow~ Congrats!!!
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Wooo!Hooo! Grats on 4k!
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this is alittle late but congrats!!!
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