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Mamma cat has gone crazy!

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hello everyone:

Can you all believe the stray cat in our neighborhood brought a third kitten??? I'm not a cat expert, I started having cats like 2 years ago, but I think poor Mamma cat is a little crazy. She brought one kitten first, then I discovered a second one in an abandoned car and yesterday she came with a third one, and she had that one behind a neighbor's house. Is that normal? Poor Mommy cat, she seems a little confused and her babies were spread all around.

Anyway, I have the third baby here along with the second one. The first one was adopted. I'm sure this new baby will get a home real soon, he is gorgeous! She had three boys in total, unless she comes with a fourth one, OMG...I hope not. Mom is going to kill me.

This baby is very small, he is the smallest of the three, he does look big in the second picture, but he is so tiny, and he is the thinnest of the three.

Here he is, isn't he adorable??? We named him Zachary, but hopefully he will be adopted soon.

And here is his brother, little Malachy

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Aw, a lynx point Siamese mix!!! Honestly, I don't know about momma hiding the kittens in different places, tho' mom cats will move the kits from place to place to hide them ...

Seems like she trusts you....
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Maybe she thinks they're Easter eggs???
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Thank you both Yes, it is a lynx point Siamese mix. This is her second litter and both times she had a lynx point.

Haha, easter eggs! Yup, maybe she thinks that. I know mommy cats move their babies around, but it is weird that she kept them apart for a long time, and they all look healthy and well fed, so she had a lot of work going for place to place to feed them.

I'm finally going to the vet on Monday to have Oreo (my latest cat) spayed and I will talk to the vet about what I can do to have this Mommy cat spayed. I hope there's something we can do, she is so wild.
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Originally Posted by menasmom View Post
Maybe she thinks they're Easter eggs???
Oh that's so funny!

Mommacat obviously trusts you I actually hope she brings her whole litter to you for care and fostering, and of course, good luck with catching her and getting her spayed. Maybe some smelly tuna in a carrier or KFC without skin could lure her?
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Thanks Little Zachary is already eating and using the litter box. I have to say, the kitties are amazing, the don't cry, they are so well behaved, of course, they were wild at first, but I'm working on taming them, they are just so cute! I wish I could keep them...
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Mom is a little strange but she does have beautiful babies
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Gorgeous kitties. I love the lynx point.
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Thanks everyone!

The babies are doing great, they play a lot and they eat like crazy, they are sleeping hugging each other right now, I took a pics, I will share it soon. I'm also letting Mamma cat get in so she can spend some time with them, I had to do it, I felt so sorry for her, she kept crying for her babies.

I'm trying a forever home for them together.
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