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If, as it appears right now, there are no injuries and little damage, this is actually a really good thing. It's a moderate earthquake, but it happened during the day and everybody felt it. It's a good reminder to people in Southern California that we live in an earthquake area. There is a greater than 97% chance that Southern California will have an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or greater in the next 30 years. We keep revising the building codes, but it's important that people be willing to pay the money to retrofit buildings to not collapse in a larger earthquake. It's been a while since southern californians really felt the ground shake.

This is a good thing, because by increasing awareness it is likely to reduce damage and loss of life in the future. 5.4 is probably about perfect as a reminder. Strong enough to shake you up, weak enough to hopefully not hurt anyone.

Now, if a 5.4 happened somewhere without the building codes we've got here, it could be a horrible disaster. And 5.4 earthquakes have killed huge numbers of people in the past and in other places. But, in Southern California, it's a good warning to stay prepared.
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We live in Pasadena, and I was also napping when it hit. I tried to get off the bed, but the rolling of the earthquake kept me from being able to get up! It was a bit crazy here...the dogs next door were barking beforehand and actually woke me up just before the earthquake hit.

Interesting morning, lol! I moved here literally within months of the Northridge quake, so this is the biggest I've felt since that one in '00 that was centered in Joshua Tree. And, I was pregnant at the time, which made it feel even worse!

Earthquakes are interesting, and I always feel fascinated afterwards...but during, I'm a mess! LOL!! I even called my daughter by my oldest sister's name at first! And I NEVER do that! It was just so disorienting, I yelled out "Becky!" instead of "Emily!", lol!

Anyway, it's good to hear how minimal the damage is, and that no one's seriously injured or perished (that we've heard so far). I did hear on the news that a guy broke his leg trying to get into a doorway, or some such...but I don't remember the details. I did see the report on the water main break in LA, though.

Hugs to everyone, and special hugs to my California kitty lovers!!

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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
Wow! Won't be too much longer and LA will be a suburb of San Fran! Glad you are OK!!!!!
I glad our southern friends are okay and the damage was minimal. I do like the fact that LA will be SF's suburb. (This is supposed to be comic relief!)

Loma Prieta was no joy either.

Right now, there is a fire threatening Yosemite. I remember that the time we went to Yosemite and took Mom. It was after the big fire there and the tree devastation was just unbelievable. I just hope that the fire can be contained soon, and houses and Yosemite are spared.
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Originally Posted by techiegirl View Post
Woo Hoo! Well that was fun!

It wasn't THAT bad but it was certainly the biggest since Northridge I think. The thing with Northridge tho is that it kept going and going. At least this one was shorter.
OMG - that is so California
Of course, Orange County's building codes are much stricter than L.A.'s, so it's safer to be in those areas. The worst damage seems to be in L.A. county.
We have had a 6.5 in 1980 and a 6.4 in 1985 up here, but the building codes are so strict and our winter storms (100+mph winds and big snows) do a good job of winnowing out the weaker structures, there wasn't really any damage, except falling groceries. A big disappointment to the media
It IS a good wake-up call for the Californians who aren't ready for a big-one, which is inevitable: at least a 6.7 within 30 years
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
I'm still shaking. It was a HUGE jolt. WOW I don't know what it was on the scale, but I'll bet it was at LEAST a 5.
I read that it was about 5.8.
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Is Simba better yet?
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I know how you feel I was in the Loma Prieta 7.1 Quake. I hope there isnt alot of damage down there I have alot of family there. Here is a link from ModBee.,
and the Yosemite Fire here.
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My POOR "cougars" had their first REAL earthquake today!!! They were SOOOOOO SCARED, especially Cali, who hid under the couch for 6 hours. Shortly after she came out, we had a knock on our door, which sent her under the couch for another 2 hours (Poor BABY). Now she's back to getting into trouble again.

Since we live only 4-5 miles from the epicenter, the shaking was VERY STRONG!!!! The quake was only a 5.4, but because it was SOOOO CLOSE to the surface, it felt more like, at least, 7.0 quake. We havent had a quake with this violent of shaking in 15 years.

The experts say that it was a warnning saying that THE BIG ONE was going to be coming soon. I hope I am FAR FAR FAR AWAY from here when it hits. I have lived in earthquake country my whole life, but I will NEVER get use to them.
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This was my "cougars" first earthquake. They were SOOOO SCARED (POOR COUGARS). We only live 4-5 miles from the epicenter, so the shaking was REALLY BAD!!!!
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I received a pm from Lei (xocats) when i logged on this morning. She said she was fine but it had shaken her up. I'm pleased your all ok though.
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Originally Posted by IBelongInTheZoo View Post
I will NEVER get use to them.
I don't think anybody can.
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Hope, I thought about you yesterday when they broke in regular programming here to tell us about it. I am glad you and the kits are ok.
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We haven't had a big quake in our area since 1952 Tehachapi quake, before I was born but we do have strict earthquake codes. I used to work for a civil engineer who used to draw up plans for our historical buildings to see that they were up to code. I know that we are due for a big one since it has been almost 57 years.
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