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Spayed cat acting weird!

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Georgia was finally spayed about a month ago. Ever since she has completely recovered, she has been so obnoxious! She still runs around howling and presenting her bottom like she is heat. She has become very agressive to poor little Pearl, and to a lesser degree, to Fred. She is in to everything, and I am having to retrain her to stay off my kitchen counters. We recently moved to a bigger house, and she runs around like she is constantly chasing something. She has bitten me several times. I let her go on supervised visits outside, and she really goes crazy. If I try to bring her in before she is ready, she growls and hisses at me. She got in the fence of the house next door, fortunately empty, and when I came after her, she tried to get in their cat door. She has always been rambunctious, but she is getting out of hand. I was considering "time out" in the bathroom, but she has recently discovered the fun of tearing up toilet paper! I put it in the cabinet, and she fell in the toilet trying to get it. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions, I am considering committing kittycide!
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Something doesn't sound right. . . how old was she when she was spayed? Had she been in heat before spay? do you think she hurts anywhere which is making her aggressive? A normal spay should not have this drastic behavior in a kitty. If she has some leftover hormones that are triggering a heat, maybe that would explain it. . .

Some suggestions:
1) I'd call the vet and explain that she is acting very different, almost like in heat. Maybe they didn't "get" everything?

2) Then I would not let her out of the house. She sounds like she wants to go on an adventure and is a prime candidate for escaping.

3) I'd get a Feliway plug-in for your house. It has made a world of difference in the behavior of my two cats. It may help ease the tensions between Georgia, Fred and Pearl.

Good luck!
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I agree that a visit to the vet would be a good idea. I don't know of any cats who developed behavior problems as a result of being spayed, so I can't help but wonder whether she is having problems related to the operation.
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She was 18 months old and had been in heat several times when she was spayed. She healed beautifully, and I have used this vet before. I know everyone makes mistakes, but I have great faith in him. I will schedule her a visit, though. I am no longer allowing her outside visits, and I think that my be part of the problem. She loved outside, and wants to go constantly since she got a taste of it. She will stand by the door and screech incessantly. There is an intact male that comes by and sprays occasionally, but he hasn't come lately. She has been a brat since I rescued her from the side of the road, and it seems sometimes that she is challenging Fred for the alpha position. We lived in a tiny house for over a year, and have recently moved into a large house. She now has room to run, and is taking full advantage of it. I am hoping that it is just a change of venue, and her natural rambuntiousness. She has also begun to fill out a lot since her spay. She was petite, and almost overnight she has become fairly bulky. Not fat, just bigger, and filled out. Pearl did that also, but not quite so much or so quickly. I love her, and she will always have a home with me, but i sure wish she would calm down.
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I had that happen one time to an older cat that I rescued. They finally did an ultra sound and found out the vet had left a piece of ovary in. They had to go in and retrieve it (they did not charge me for the procedure) and apologized profusely for their oversight.
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