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I love cats that are outgoing and WANT to be in your face & around you at all times. My first kitty Patches (RB) did her own thing, only came around when she wanted pettings or a warm lap to sit in. She didnt even acknowledge when new people came in the house.

My guys now are like dogs. They all go running up to people when they come in the house.
Kricket will say hello and come around from time to time looking for a petting or a butt scratch. She then goes and does her own thing but is usually sprawled out on the floor for everybody to see.
Worm is my nosy boy. He has to greet everybody and take it to the extreme. If you sit down your in trouble....he will not leave you alone for a good 1-2 hrs (if you stay that long). He will jump from lap to lap to lap to make sure everybody has petted him. He gets in everybodys face and into any belongs they have to see who they are and where they came from.
Possum is like Worm but lets people be after 30 minutes and he feels that they are no harm. He likes to cause trouble and make scenes. He feels that it is the perfect time to show off all his awesome little tricks he can do.
Sloth is the baby and is just starting to explore. When he was confined to his carrier he would come racing to the front of the cage when he heard people come around but hopefully he'll be like the rest, outgoing and loving.