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Dumping out food?

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For the past couple nights Teddy has been doing something odd. Both him and Milo sleep in my room with me. I have a litter box, dry food, and water so they are comfortable. Lately, at about 5 am, Teddy will take his paw and knock out all the food from his bowl. (Kinda like the scratching they do in the litter box) I wake up, tell him "No!" and put him outside my room. It's the only time he does it.

I don't know if this is related, but if I leave the container of cat litter uncovered, he likes to throw that around too. He has a scratching post (which he uses) and a cat hut thing that's covered in a burlap like material for scratching in my room.... not to mention a million toys as well.

Now, do I just not leave the food in my room? Or is Teddy acting out for some reason? Is he just being a mischievous 7 month old kitten?

(Or maybe I just read too deeply into everything they do? lol)
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Where is the uncovered cat litter in proximity to the food bowl. He may be trying to let you know that the open thing of litter is too close to his food bowl. If it is not that, it very well could be your take on the situation.

Rob & Sport
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My cat Barkley does the exact same thing with scooping the food out onto the floor and then he begins to play in it. He does this to Petunia's food as well and she does not appreciate it. Barkley is no longer a kitten (he just turned 5 in Feb) but he wants to play play play all day long, and that seems to include playing with his food. And he does it whenever he feels like it, doesnt matter the time of day or anything, I attribute it to his just being a little brat. It's not an everyday thing but when he does it's a bit annoying. He also kicks globs of litter out of the box everyday and makes a huge mess prompting me to clean up after him almost every night I come in from work.
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