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Hey Blue~

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Hey you, I just tried to send
you a PM and it still says your box is full. Quite the popular
one aren't you... hehe :laughing2

Thank you for the custom avatar, I think it is really pretty.
I just saw it this morning.

I hope all is well with you, I haven't heard to much from you!! Yell, if you need anything
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it's nice to come here, and see a special thread for you

especially when you're having a really bad couple of days, and you are
too #@$$@*@ HOT to be in your own house, and your cats look at you with
pure exhaustion & lethary, and seem to ask "why, O why, are you submitting us to this #@$$@*@ heat?"

i feel so bad and SO HOT!

(you know what i'm talking about, and so do you Mr.Cat )

i'm still looking for other daisy avatars so you have more of a choice
as to which one you really want

i dont know what's going on with the PM's - it's very strange, even when
i delete some, it doesnt matter, i think it's a glitch...

not popular, very glitched! :laughing:

things arent very well right now. i wont be on as much as i'd like to
be over the next couple days & weekend. i really need to sort out some things
and get a perspective - but, i'll be okay.

if i dont get the chance to tell you later, have a good weekend :angel2:


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I sure do hope you sort stuff out. I too need to sit back and get some perspective on my life and why I make some of the choices I make. I think it is healthy for the soul, to take a look inside everyonce in a while!

I know about the heat thing, fortunately for me it has cooled off. Your poor kitties, I know the look... the "why are you doing this to me" look. it is so sad

I sure do hope you have a good weekend. You could always get a kiddie pool put it in your living room and sit there while watching TV or listening to music. Believe it or not I did it once. :laughing:
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my little blue has been on the floor in my room all day

i think because the fan is in here, though she wont get near it, she
must be catching a little bit of the air, because, otherwise my room
is the hottest in the house.

all the other kitties are either in the bathroom, or Cameron's room -
the two coolest rooms in the house, and they are all too...

they only got up once today when i fed them...

we cant afford to buy an air-conditioner, but we're going to take it
up with our mean landlord, wish us luck

this heat is turning me into a raging physcho

:laughing: i am so grumpy & short-tempered, i think because it really
affects me 10-fold because of my Fibromyalgia, i feel the heat even more
then Cameron, and it brings out a lot of pain for me in my back

anways, he's really great about it, as always, and i'm trying to cope,
but all i can think of is, a whole summer like this?!

how do i convince my kitties that the fan wont hurt them and there's nothing
to be afraid of? :disturbed :disturbed :paranoid2 :paranoid3 :disturbed

they hate me right now... not even a purr yet

thanks for letting me vent
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the thing is we've never lived in an apartment without central air-conditioning,
that is why we are all taking it so hard!
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I wish I could send you an air conditioner. It sounds awful in your place. How is it today, I hope a little better!

You could always journey to Portland for a while bring your kitties along and visit us people here in Oregon!

I sure do hope things work well with the landlord. I get the same way when it is hot, very irritable. It is just so frustrating to be so hot, with not much to do about it.

I am thinking of you. You should watch the movie "Alive" it's about that group of people who's plane crashed and they were stranded on a mountain. They are freezing through the movie, and when I watched it I actually got cold... :laughing2 Mental games... that's all.
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hey darling

good news!!! the temperature went down last night,
and the kitties played all night with their new toys, and treats, and
the temperature is still fairly moderate today (so far) thankfully!!

otherwise we'd be sweatin like richard simmons

today i was up after 4 hours of sleep and then out the door
for a really nice, breezy walk, and daisy picking, i cant wait to get
leashes & muzzles? for the cats so i can take them with me!! does anyone
else do that?

hopefully one day i can take a huge trip to the States and come visit
you and Colby, Debby, Darlene, Mr.Cat, Deb - everyone!!! i'd love to
travel the states for a few months, and now, i have a great reason

"Alive" used to be my favourite movie when i was younger, i saw it so
many times! i'm pretty much an idiot though, i am still drinking
things like coffee & tea in the heat, when i should be drinking juice,
iced tea, margaritas?

so, what are you up to this weekend angel?
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Hooray... I am so glad the weather has
cooled down for you. I worried all night about you and
your kitties. Unfortunately it is only May What are
you going to do in June, July, August and yes even September?

You have to travel the states. Portland is anywhere from
6-8 hours away from Vancouver B.C. Depends on how fast you drive :laughing2 I have indeed made the trip a couple times
before. Where in Canada are you again?

I love walking to pick Daisies, the more the merrier.

I have friends who put there little one's on harnesses
with leashes for walks. If I took Lily out for a stroll
and than made her come back inside I don't think I would
ever hear the end of it. I let her hang out with
me on the deck. She loves it and is good about coming in
when I tell her. Maybe she would be okay on walks.

I am going to Seattle this weekend, the Titanic museum is
there right now. Than I am going shopping. They have a great outdoor market. A lot of unique items. How about you?

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i know... the coming months are scaring me already...

i think we're going to have to move... for one thing, our landlady is
quite mean, and intolerable, and for two, we have no central air-conditioning,
no screens on our windows (so we cant open them) nor do we have a screen door... !

so, the only option is to try to find something else, somewhere else that
will let us take our cats, and has air-conditioning

we were going to move to Victoria, B.C. in July, but, finances are forcing
us to wait until September now... so, we will have to make a change soon.

not just for us, but, our kitties sake too, i feel like such a bad mom lately

right now we live in Penticton, B.C. - where i've lived since i was a
year old, i've moved quite a bit, but, came back here 2 yrs ago, and am
still here!!!

Penticton is about a 6 hr drive away from Vancouver, then Victoria is
only a ferry ride away from there, about an hour and a half - if you like
ferries, which i certainly do not, they scare the *#$@ outta me

i have been to Oregon, it was gorgeous, from what i remember, i traveled
through the States a bit with my family on vacation when i was 12, i
remember Death Valley too, it was beautiful & peaceful there.

i'm a little worried how my cats will react to leashes, my mom was like,
are you kidding me?! you cant put a cat on a leash!!

but, i think it's worth a try, anyways.

they are not outdoor cats, for many reasons, but, i feel so guilty about
it all the time, that i am hoping this will be a way for them to be
outside, and for me to get excercise, so we'll see how it goes

i'm so jealous, i'd love to be in Seattle for awhile, it's such a unique
place, we have thought a lot lately about moving out that way, near the
San Juan Islands, like, maybe Lopez Island, it looks so beautiful...

but, we'd have to consider visas and all that, unless you want to marry
me, so i can have legal citizenship?!?! whadda ya say?!

hmm... this weekend i'm going to play lots of squash, and hopefully get
out on a bike, there's a beautiful bike path really close by to us,
Camerons going to cook all weekend, big surprise!! and we're going to
spend some time together (he's been working 12 hr days lately) - i'm looking
forward to relaxing with him, and going to the Saturday Market tomorrow
morning for vegatables & flowers

wishing you a wonderful time in Seattle, wish i was there with ya
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oh ya, and we are planning my birthday!! i'm still so excitable when it
comes to birthdays...

i think we're going to a beautiful Spa & Hotel for a weekend, i cant wait
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by the way, i think my PM box is working fine now
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