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do your cats sleep all night?

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This got me to thinking from Cabbie's post because my cats do not sleep all night..ever!!..they sleep more during the day, and they are more active while everyone is asleep.....anyone else's like this?
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If my cats let me sleep through an entire night I think I would die of shock. Really.
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actually I would be in shock too...there was one time Rocky had got left in the garage and i hadn't heard him or noticed his presence, but it freaked me out so I got up in the middle of the night and looked for him..he was just out there sleeping, but I picked him up and brought him inside with me anyway..
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Mine may not sleep all night but they don't wake us up.
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I'm pretty sure Max sleeps through the night. He's there when I go to sleep and he's there when I wake up. I'm a very light sleeper, so I would think I would hear him if he was up and about. He does adjust his position though, like I mentioned in another post, he moves from the top of the bed to the bottom of the bed.

Max's Mommy
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Judging by the "wreckage" I wake up to, no, they don't sleep all night. Although, they do like to maintain the illusion...
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It is in their internal clock to be awake in the wee hours of the mornng, as that is when their prey is out. I can hear my barn cats at night from the bedroom window as they race around the hay lofts in pursuit of the mice brave enough to venture in for the grain. If you want your cat to sleep all night, you schedule interactive times of play with them where they have to run or stalk a toy pulled on a rope, and you feed them a nice bowl of wet food right before your head hits the pillow. That helps somewhat, but it is in their nature to be up at night and on the hunt.
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Some of mine do, most of them don't. Coal gets in between the two of us and is out like a light until the alarm clock goes off. Max climbs onto my hip and snoozes, only waking briefly when I roll over, then she settles back in place and goes back to sleep. Sometimes Blondie will come up and snuggle with us too, and stay there almost all night long.

The others spend the night playing, chasing one another through the attic, and taking sporadic naps on the bed with us.
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Ash is a little bugger, he sleeps almost alllllll day, and getts up around 11pm to run off some built up energy, then off to sleep land again. Then around 6 am he comes into my room meowing his head off wanting to play
Any when i put him out of my room and close the door, will he go back to sleep, but if i leave him in my room i get nooooo sleep.
Then in the morning it attack of the cat
He flys off the furniture, climbs the curtins, attacks our leggs, breaks things, just what you need when your still half alseep.
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At most nights, when i start to retire to bed, my kitties would already have entered dreamland, in their beds, by my side.

In the middle of the nights, i have a tendency to wake up to check on them. Sometimes, i find them still sleeping. At other times, they are running around, chasing each other on my bed, in the kitchen or in other rooms.

My babies sleep a lot in the day. i learned that cats sleep 70% of the time.

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I don't think Spike sleeps throughout the entire night, but he doesn't wake me up. I occasionally do get up during the middle of the night, and it's a 50/50 chance if he's curled up sleeping, or playing with one of his toys. I do give him playtime before I go to bed, for as long as he'll play with me. (Usually about 15-20 minutes). He also gets brushed right before bed, and gets two treats as an award... and then I tell him it's time for "sleepy". He usually climbs his cat tree and at least pretends to go to sleep.
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Sleep all night? Boy did I get a good laugh at that idea! I think maybe if you have just one cat, MAYBE they'll adjust to your hours. But I'm convinced that with a gang of cats, the people just don't win the "go to sleep" battle.

Our kitties have recently decided that "Chase" is their favorite game to play with each other. For those who don't know, hubby and I live in an RV, so with three kitties, we can't really shut the bedroom door, it doesn't leave them a whole lot of room. So recently we've taken to being RUDELY awakened by a cat jumping on our head or stomach or something. It hurts! Of course, around 5:00am is the BEST time to play chase. When else, mommy?

D'oh. I can't imagine what's wrong with me?!?!

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I used to think that Snowball slept through the night at least some of the time. However, I have been told by my son, that Snowball always spends his nights alternating between sleeping and roaming around the house, which fortunately doesn't bother me. He returns to the exact same place and position I last saw him in, which creates the illusion that he has been there all night.
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no, my cats sleep in about three hour spands through out the day they seem to just take alot of cat naps
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I'm sure they don't, but whenever I wake up there's at least one kitty sleeping with me. I think Trent sleeps most of the night, but he generally gets up around 5:00 and goes out to the living room. Ophelia, who knows. I know she gets up whenever I move and gets a few bites of food. She may leave for large amounts of time and come back. She's so tiny and light on her feet there's been times I've been wide awake and don't notice her walking or laying on me!
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Loki - sleeps with me until 5:30AM - then he get up to do use the loo, eat, drink and play. If I am sleeping in he comes back around 8AM and tucks in for another hour or so.
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of the comings and goings, howeve, we have a fat cat that loves to jump from the bed, onto the dresser. The backlash from that jump almost bounces us out of bed!!! Talk about a heart attack! I always wake up thinking it's an earthquake! LOL
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Before I go to bed, my cats frequently have been sleeping while I've watched TV or whatever. Then the three of them troop upstairs with me and take quite awhile to settle down once I'm in bed. They have kitty "fights", I can hear them chasing eachother up and down the hallway. Finally, when they do settle down to sleep, I don't think they move a muscle th rest of the night until morning. They like their sleep. (just like I do-I figure I was probably a cat in another life )
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Oh Their times are so varies! I know they usually stay up at night most of time.. They do sleep for a short hours at night. However, they do sleep a lot during the day.
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