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Ear mites in both cats, need advice

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Hi. My 12 year or so old persian has ear mites, 99% positive it was the kitten who transmitted them. While the kitten does not have it very badly, the Persian has gotten miserable. The vet was shocked and said it wasn't regular mites but some sort of dog mite? He's been taken to the vet, ears cleaned and a large squirt of some RX the vet put in there before we left. My question is, how long is he going to be this miserable? Only one ear is red and seems to be the biggest problem for him, and this morning the crust in his ears was back (perfectly clean yesterday after the cleaning) and very dry. He doesn't seem any better and I don't know how long he -should- feel not so great. EDIT: He has stopped holding his ear down and back, and for now has stopped twitching and shaking his head every few minutes.
I was told to continue using the miticide I bought at the vet (Otic otomite Plus, the 14.7 ml bottle for use in Cats dogs, kittens puppies) every three days for both cats with 2-3 drops in each other straight into the ear canal. I am not supposed to treat the Persian again until thursday! I don't want him miserable for two more days, and even then he's not going to be too happy with the drops!
If anyone has any advice, especially about keeping him as comfortable as possible.. I'd really appreciate it. I just hate this and feel like the worst parent in the world. Thanks in advance.
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Snickerdoodle, I am not sure why your vet didn't recommend it, but Revolution (the spot on flea treatment) is by far the best way to get rid of ear mites.

I had a cat with horrible ear mites when I got him. One treatment with Revolution and he was better within 2 days. No putting gunk in his ears or anything. He has been clear ever since.

This site gives a good overview of ear mites and the all the different treatments for them.


I hope you can get your kitties comfortable soon.
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My told me Revolution is a preventative not a cure.
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Piper had ear mites when I got her, and my vet gave her one dose of something and that was all it took to clear them up. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was! (I don't think it was Revolution.) Good luck with your kitty. It sounds very uncomfortable!
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revolution prevents but also gets rid of ear mites since pepe has them and has been on revolution for 3 months now going into his 4th and the vet checked his ears yesterday after giving him his booster and rabies shots and said the revolution is getting rid of the mites and is doing a good job. Mind you the revolution isn't going to get rid of them overnight but it is helping him out
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Both my Izzy & Marvin had ear mites as kittens...vet used some sort of wash in their ears, hasn't been back since!
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