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Your cats tails

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are they long or short? I tried measuring Rocky's last night, and it is over 12 inches long...he kept moving it and running off, but it just always has appeared to be so long and beautiful....Fluffy's is still pretty short...just about 7 inches long....so, are your babies tails long or short..they are all beautiful either way..
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I haven't measured them, but Blondie and Romeo both have long tails; Blondie's is very skinny, Romeo's thick and fluffy. Everyone else has a "normal" tail.
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I just tried to measure Spike's... and he will have NOTHING to do with it... I'll have to try again later.
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hmm it's not easy chasing cats around in a circle. I'm trying to get their tail and they are trying to chase the measuring tape. Around and around we go

Asim : 12 inches
Isha : 12 inches
Tage : 11 inches
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I don't know how long my new kitten's is, but I'll measure it when I bring her home!! In general, Ragdolls have long tails, I think.
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Peppurr: 13 Inches

Vader: 11 Inches

Rascal: 14 Inches

Mimi: 9 Inches

Twinkles: 10 Inches

Hercules: 11 Inches

Xena: 10 Inches

Felix: 5 Inches (Bob-tail)

Majesty: 12 Inches

Mischief: 7 Inches
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I've never measured Ivo's, but my vet said it was "relatively short". I know in comparison that my Dad's cat, who is a little smaller than Ivo, has a longer tail. Go figure.
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This is sooo cute! Who would have thought to compare kitty tails

Now, are we just measuring the fleshy tail part or fur included??

Rascal's 14 is a long one!
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Rascal's body is 24 inches long. He is a big boy! His tail is so fluffy and huge!
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Jamie is 26 inches long, including 12 inches of tail. His stomach circumference is 17 inches (he has the neutered male's potbelly) - that was a shock! He's long and lean, except for the belly. I had guessed about 14 inches before measuring him.
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I finally measured my two furbabies Boy you weren't kidding that it's hard to keep them still. I thought if I did it while they ate it would be easier but they still wiggled around like slippery seals — definitely a two person job!

my pretty calico with a thick bottle brush tail: 10 inches
my petite Russian Blue: 10.5 inches

I was really surprised that the Russian had a longer tail. . .it's a very dainty tapered tail and looks smaller. And I thought with all the fluff, calico would have a huge tail to match her long frame, but see she is about average
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Erm, I dunno...she's sleepin' and I'd hate to wake her up.

I'd say it's medium length, but pretty skinny.
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