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Missing the pitter-patter...

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...of kitten feet!

Today was d-day for Belle and Delilah. They went in this morning to get spayed. Silly me almost cried when they took them away. I called this afternoon and they were doing well. I worry about them being in a cage all by themselves at the vet overnight...and hope that, as they told me they probably would, they are in neighbouring cages. They have never been away from home or apart from each other.

Today was lonely in the empty apartment. I kept forgetting they weren't here - expecting them to jump up on me or come meowing at me for attention. Funny how the things that bug me when they are here - like them trying to sneak through the door everytime I open it or Belle begging for food - are the things I miss when they are not here!

I remember this feeling when we put Zoey to sleep and now remember why we got new kittens so soon after. It is hard to adapt to the empty house after having a pet!

I can't imagine what kind of neurotic parent I'll be when I have a child to focus my energy on. I think it's harder with animals because you can't explain to them what's happening and that it's for their own good!

I get to pick them up tomorrow at 9am! I can't wait!
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Awww I hope you get to see them soon. With the timezone difference I can't quite tell what time it is over where you are. I know exactly what you mean by having an empty house... Its a devastating feeling.

When my parents came to know about my cats and basically forbade them to ever step paw into my house again, I had to move them to my friend's place whilst awaiting their adoption... The first few nights were horrible. Just coming home and knowing that I'll never hear a welcoming "mreow" or the tink of their bells as they leap around the house is such a lonely feeling. I've since gotten over it, but definitely will get a cat in future
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