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Female cat looks like she's spraying?

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There's a female cat at the shelter I volunteer at who likes to hang out around the sink- she's very into water. At the far end of the counter is where the male cats like to hang out and spray the wall

This female cat also goes over in the corner, lifts up her tail towards the wall and I swear, it looks like she's spraying the wall. I never gave it much thought until tonight and I couldn't quite catch her in the act, to see if there was anything on the wall. At one point, I made it over there a few seconds after I saw her do it, after she'd already moved away, and I'm pretty sure I saw some drops of liquid on her *ahem* nether regions. But it could have just been from when she was sitting in the sink.

Do female cats "go through the motions" of spraying? There's a small part of me that wonders if she was mistakenly labeled a girl, but she's been there almost a year now and I'm pretty sure someone would have caught that mistake.
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My only two sprayers have been female cats. I don't know why people think only males spray lol! Many cats also go through the motions but don't actually spray. My female cat Kinks will back against a wall or anything really and stamp her feet and shake her tail and lift her back end up but nothing comes out (thank god!) I wonder if they are still releasing a scent? Anyone know?
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Mine dont spray except one time my brother came over and his jacket had been sprayed by his male cats. Coco backed up and wiggled her tail and sprayed the jacket. That was the only time in 16 years she did that. Yoshi my male that died would try to spray but nothing came out and he was fixed young. My friends had a cat from the poud she adopted was told it was female and it got sick and died because he became bocked and no one knew it was a boy all those years.
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My girl cat Babygirl, use to spray a tree outside if any cats crossed the tree toward her house, literally spray, not the motions of spraying.
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We used to have a stray we fed, she always sprayed the corner of our house. I thought it was impossible, the vet said it is quite common,
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Trust me, females spray. I have one I cannot get to stop. She has been upset whenever we add to the family. But this time the "adding" came because of my dh's mother's death(we inherted her cat) and my sd's half sister was not taking proper care of the cat we gave to her, so they both came back home to us. Oh, and one large alley cat male moved INTO our house. He has adopted us. We thought he was feral at first but he is too loving to be a true feral cat. So off to the SPCA this week to get him fixed.

So if anyone has an idea of stopping a female of spraying, I'm listening<sigh>
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Females, especially entires can and do spray. Dominance and "advertising" availibility is what it's all about. And most of the time, the female spray is more foul smelling then males!
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OMG, tell me about the smell....yuck!!

All mine are fixed, so we still trying to figure out the why. Our males still spray, but only outside, she does both.

One day, hopefully she will stop

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My female cat does it, she backs up to something and shakes the tale really fast but nothing ever comes out, and shes purring real loud, its always when she's excited like when its dinner time. Shes done this for a long time and nothing ever comes out. I always check, because I have another one thats a sprayer in the house.
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My girl Aspen sprays and I've seen the urine to prove it. She's pretty alpha so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
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