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Upsetting Phone Call Lastnight

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This has got to be a first, I was on the couch lastnight trying to nap before I went out lastnight but anyway the phone rang and it was the primary vet at the clinic calling to enquire how Snoopy was doing!!!!!!

I was absolutely floored! I said she didn't make it, I had her put down last week, immediately she was just horrified at the faux pas she just committed. I'm thinking to myself don't you people talk to each other there?

To me that would be like getting a phone call from the Governor of Texas asking how yer relative is doing after the state just executed them!!!
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Oh, Cabbie! That's awful!! I'm so sorry! They really should communicate better with eachother!! And all these vets are at the same clinic?? They need to do something differently! I'm sorry; I'm sure the last thing you wanted was that phone call!!
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Oh gosh. That must have been horrible. *hugs*

It seems really silly to me that people wouldn't communicate in a vets office, especially if they have all treated your animal. Doesn't it make more sense to talk to each other?? I mean for the owner and the pet. Sheesh.
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ohh man..that stinks! How disturbing!
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I would be LIVID! I mean..it is bad enough to have to put a pet to sleep, but then to have the people that DID it call and not even REALIZE they did it? Granted, nice gesture of the call IF the cat was home! OMG! How terrible! That is kind of insensitive, don't you think? Nothing like having to be reminded of what happened.
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