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HELP me Purrpa HELP!!!!

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Ok this happened saturday evening and just had to share this little story about Skye. We have these 2 plastic bar stools from IKEA and Skye just loves to perch on them because they put her at the highest point in the apartment. She also loves to roll around and either flirt or chew the plastic. This time she was in an attention getting flirting mood. I noticed she was flirtin dangerously close to the edge rather than at my SO. Well her back end went first off the edge of the stool while her front paws shot up to hold onto the back of it. At this point I was yelling at my SO that she was falling and to grab her cuz I knew she was going to land wrong. Well my SO was too busy eating to notice what was going on until Skye let out this long desperate yelp while looking very wide eyed at SO. He finally caught on and picked her up to safety. Poor Skye was so grateful and out of breath. But man was that a great laugh for the day.
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Sounds like you are always amused!!!!
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Oh that poor poor baby really got a fright
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