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Ok I have done some research on catnip, but since this is my first kitty.....Ya know I want input. I read that kittens might not have reaction to catnip, but I thought I would see if Shadow liked it. I bought some toys with catnip in it. He went nuts!!!! However read that it was like a high for him so, then I kinda felt bad for getting my kitty high! Does everyone use catnip? Do you wait until they get older before giving it to them? I dont want to cause brain damage! I love my little furball!
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I wish my kitty went nuts for catnip. then maybe she would use her scratching board like a good girl.
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Most my Cats love Catnip.
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My Odo is a bit of a "stoner." He has a bunch of catnip toys, and he loves to just flop down on them and either sniff them or chew on them. Zek doesn't seem to care for them at all--though he likes them right after Odo has chewed on them. I haven't noticed any ill effects from having catnip available. The only caution I would have would be in a multicat household where having lots of catnip available all the time might upset the dynamic between the cats. My boyfriend's cats tend to swat at each other a bit while "high" on catnip. They only get it as an occasional treat, maybe a couple of times per week.
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I have had cats that get very aggressive when on catnip; another one who would pee on stuff when on catnip. As long as they're not doing that, and they're enjoying it, I see no harm.
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It won't cause brain damage. Most kittens don't respond till they are around 6 months old. And not every cat will respond either. My guys will play with a new catnip mouse for the first day or two - after that they pretty much ignore it. I've had other cats that were "addicted" to it and responded every time you got the mice out.

If you have more then one cat, be sure to clip nails before giving them catnip cause they can get a bit wild.
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Thanks for insight! I had been leaving his toys out all the time but was afraid to leave this one out!!! :LOL:
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