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I think a kitten I found on my porch has some thing wrong with her

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I need some help, we have had her for 3 days and yesterday we were eating dinner and my mom was cutting some thing and the cat just stared at the knife like she were going to kill her. Ever since then she has been having spaz attacks. Her pupils dilate and she freaks out, they last about one or two minutes and then she lays down and goes back to sleep. We are going to take her too the vet tomorrow afternoon. She eats milk (Cat formula) like there is no tomorrow, now, although on Sat. she needed to be "Force" fed. She weighs less than a pound, any suggestions are appreciated. We think maybe it's neurological from someone hurting her, or not feeding her, she had to have been placed on the porch as she was not strong enough to walk a few steps, let alone get up the cement steps. Shes getting stronger, and hungrier, but isn't very aware of her bodily functions, she might need her mothers help still, as very young animals do. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Is it possible that she has having seizures? About how old is she?
Welcome to the forum.
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It is posible, that is what we thoght at first. We think she is under 5 weeks.
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Poor thing. Maybe you can make a kitten food/milk slurry to help get more nutrients in her.
She could have some neurological damage from something. I wonder what the vet is going to say.
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Bless you for taking her in and caring for her!

I hope she is ok and sending good vibes your way
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Thank you for the kind words. We plan of mixing up some Nautical with her milk and feeding that too her, as she will not eat any thing solid.
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What, besides the cat milk, are you offering her in the way of food? Try a little chicken or turkey (meat only - no onions or vegetables added) baby food gently warmed on a saucer or paper dessert plate. My guess is that although she is young, she is probably able to eat and potty on her own. Try offering the baby food and then give her about 5 to 10 minutes ... then place her in the litter box. The act of filling the stomach will prompt the digestive tract to move things along so she may go of her own accord. If not, you can try wetting a washcloth with warm, not hot water and gently rub her bottom to stimulate her to potty. At approximately 5 weeks, she shouldn't still need to be stimulated, but it may give her the general idea of what you want her to do when in the litter box if she doesn't get it already.

It is good that she is going to see the vet tomorrow. I take it your family is planning on keeping this kitten? The vet will be better equipped to tell you what's what with this little one. Ask about deworming, when kitten shots should begin, what shots are recommended for your particular circumstances and when to consider spaying or neutering.

For now, try offering the baby food to see if she will eat on her own. If so, then get the best quality kitten food you can afford in both canned and dry varieties. You can mix a little of the cat milk in with the dry until she gets the hang of it but don't keep giving her the cat milk. Goat's milk is a much better alternative and it is readily available in most grocery stores.

I sincerely hope the vet has some good news and this little baby wil be alright with a little tender care and gentle loving attention. But, in the event there is a larger problem, I also sincerely hope your heart as well as your pocketbook will be able to do what needs to be done.

Please let us know how it goes?
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I see we were posting within moments of each other ... *smile*

OK, so she isn't eating on her own. Do you have a bottle to feed her with? Or an eyedropper or syringe without the needle?? Any of those things will do but you have to get some food into her other than cat milk. The Nutrical is good. You can mix that up with a little warmed goat's milk to make a slurry and force-feed that.
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Thanks Gayef!!! She just poop. We have done this before we were just wondering if she was having seizures or some thing with the spazzing out. We have other cats so we have done stuff before hand . I am more familiar with reptiles so I gave her a warm soak about 2 or 3 hours ago since I know that if you give a reptile a warm soak it will poo. We will go down to the store tomorrow and get that stuff for her .

She is getting more playfull like a kitten should be. I just wish that one of our other cats would keep her company. One of our cats Tiger doesnt mind her but Rags climbs on top of her and Cubby (tiger) Doesnt like thar :P.

Yes we plan on keeping her. She is eating like a monster out of her bottle, Rags already tore up a nipple on her bottle.

Ok I shall .

Can I use photoBucket to post pics?
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She is a cutie! I can't tell from the video - is she laying on her back when she is drinking from the bottle? If so, switch it so she lays on her tummy like she would do if she was nursing from her mother.

I hope the vet visit turns out well.
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I use photobucket all of the time to post here. It should work. I can't wait to see her. I agree with the baby food. They seem to like it.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
She is a cutie! I can't tell from the video - is she laying on her back when she is drinking from the bottle? If so, switch it so she lays on her tummy like she would do if she was nursing from her mother.
You have received some great advice, but I just wanted to reiterate this point, do not feed her lying on her back, she can quickly choke and/or drown from milk going into her lungs, you must always bottle feed her while she is on her tummy.

Please let us know how she is doing
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Ok thanks .
Here is a pic of her the day we found her.

I'll up load the pics of her I just finished taking later.
My mom says that she thinks that Rags has Sensory Overload like drug addicted babies (Oh no babies smoking pot ) or premature babies. As long as we keep very quiet around her she doesn't have those spazz outs. She likes to wake me up at 4:00am to feed her. We have her on a 4 hour feeding thingy. I will try too get her too eat on her tummy.
we noticed that since she started to go #2 that the spazz's are less also, so she may have even been having little cramps that freaked her out. Ether way she is getting better every day eating better, eating better, moving better ect. We have a very Trusted vet who likes to take a practical approach unlike a lot of other vets .. Any ways we have had cats dumped on our front porch before but this one is the most mysterious
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Oh look at that precious little one. She is so very lucky to have you guys looking out for her. Her coloring is so beautiful.

Sending many positive vibes that she continues to get better and better
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What a cutie! I love her coloring.
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Thanks . Believe it or not sh has more white on her than shown.
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Awww What a little sweetheart
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Oh Rags is a sweetie. She is adorable.

I wonder if she ate something toxic and as she gets rid of it she feels better.
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Well we didn't take her too the vet today, there was an earth quake today 5.8 it started right when we were getting ready. We decided not to go. But she is all fine eating like a pig and pooping ALOT.
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She is beautiful, and I am glad that ya'll are safe and that the earthquake was not too too bad

Please keep us updated on how she is doing.
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Sorry for Bumping this very old thread. She is doing MUCH better. She doesn't even look like the same cat. I will post some updated pictures of her soon.
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Are the "seizures" still happening as often, or have they decreased?
That behavior can happen with dehydration.
What things trigger the episodes?
How often is she urinating?
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Happy to hear she made it
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nursedoggett, Nope, they are not.
If I remember correctly, shiny things.
I am not home all day, but when I get up she is usually using the box, and before I feed the cats she Wees. I have other cats so I would not know how many times she pees every day, all I know is tat she does.

Nance, Thanks!
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I was hoping she would be getting better. I had a cat, Downy, who passed in Feb 07, who had seizure disorder and a heart murmur. He was the light of my husband's life. Running ceiling fans and video games on the tv would set his seizures off, and so would company that we weren't prepared for (we would put him in the basement when we knew ahead of time). He passed when someone he didn't know tried to pick him up when we weren't watching.
I saw your YouTube video, any chance of getting a video when she's having one of her spells? Not just for us, but to help the vet? Whenever we took Downy to the vet, I'd always wished we had a video.
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I read this one holding my breath, I'm so glad she made it a year and am looking forward to recent pics.
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I'm sorry for your loss nursedoggett!! Its all ways hard to loose a pet.
No I do not have a video of it happing, but if it does happen again, I will get a video fo it. But for her sake, I hope it doesn't.

bookworm, Thanks! I posted a few in the other thread. The tittle is "EMo cat"
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oh, gosh, i didn't even look at the dates of this thread!
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