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Two bagged kittens saved!

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Read this!

Two bagged kittens saved!
»Animals were left to die in NV park

By Deana Lancaster
News Reporter

IRIS Geist was playing tennis at Grand Boulevard Park in West Vancouver last Thursday morning when she heard the crying.

"The sound of it was screaming and whining ... at first I thought it was a seagull."

She and her husband Max stopped the game to investigate where the sound was coming from. It didn't take long.

Underneath a bush, they found a Safeway bag. Inside it, someone had placed two more plastic bags, tied loosely, each containing a tiny, crying newborn kitten.

"How could someone do that?" asked Geist. "The awful part was that they were separated in those plastic bags, and they weren't even tied tightly. It would have taken a while for them to die."

A city employee who the Geists found working in the park called the SPCA, but he was told that the organization didn't currently have a nursing mother cat, so they couldn't do anything to help the kittens survive.

The North Vancouver couple refused to give up hope though. They took the tiny felines to their own veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Cooper at the Lonsdale Pet Hospital.

Although there wasn't a nursing mother cat at the pet hospital either, Cooper and her staff volunteered to feed the kittens with a syringe every few hours, and to take turns keeping them overnight.

"We said we would pay for it," said Geist. "But they wouldn't let us, we think it's such a good thing they're doing."

According to Cooper the kittens -- one piebald, and the other a marmalade colour -- were between 24 to 48 hours old when the Geists found them, too young even to tell what sex they are.

"Their eyes are still closed, and they have remnants of the umbilical cord still attached," she said as she lifted them from the incubator in her office where they're currently staying during the day.

She said the milk replacement they're getting "is never as good as mom's milk, but it's the best we can do." She added that the black and white cat fed from the syringe immediately, while the marmalade took a little longer to catch on.

As of Tuesday morning, the pair were alive and thriving.

"I just think people should know not to get rid of unwanted kittens that way," said Geist. "I mean, take them somewhere and lie and say you found them -- but don't let them die like that."

Isn't it a miracle that these babies were found? Here's a picture of them!

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It's upsetting to know that this sort of thing happens at all, but it happens often. Someone offered my brother money to drown a litter of new born kittens when he was a small child. He told my parents and they were furious! Of course they spoke to the people, and told them off in no uncertain terms. It was so cruel to even think of such a thing, but to ask a small child to do it for you was worse. Unfortunately, there are many cases like this one. Thank God the vet was willing to help!
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I don't know how anyone could hurt a kitten they are just so little and sweet Thank god someone saved those babies!
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I am trying to get an update on the kittens, hopefully someone will let me know how they're doing!

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Gees, I hear about stories like that all the time. Its very upsetting. People just dont get it! These are living=loving creatures - how can anyone be so heartless?

Im so glad good people were there, and that they made the effort to take them to a vet, and not give up on them!! I know that even some no-kill shelters sometimes have to put down new-borns, because there is no nursing mom to be found. Its sad really.

Anyways, I'm almost forgetting how happy this story really is!!!!
Any updates on the Kittens?!?! they look adorable!!
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There has'nt been an update yet, but I'm sure these wonderful ladies are taking good care of the kittens!
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Kittens are babies.. they are the MOST innocent!
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That's so awful that anyone would do that to any cat, let alone sweet, helpless baby kittens! I'm so glad they were saved!!!!
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Any updates on the little ones?
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