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Peace keeper kitten?

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Hi All,

We have 2 female cats (Martini & Pepsi), we did have 4 females (the other two were Shandy & Bacardi), but unfortunately they were run over. Bacardi & Martini were half sisters (same mum), but different litters. Bacardi being 5 when she was run over & the other girls were 3 (Pepsi & Martini are now 4).
Pepsi & Shandy were sisters from the same litter.

Since then the 2 girls Martini & Pepsi are not getting on. Pepsi likes to attack Martini (playfully), but Martini hisses Growls, as though she is being attacked by a strange cat.

We are thinking of getting another cat (kitten), but are not sure if we should & if we do; should it be male or female? Will the kitten help to restore order, or will they continue to despise one another?? Is there any particular breed that's known for it's peace keeping abilities???

Thanks in advance.
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I feel you dilema. I went from having 4 girls all over the age of 8 and 3 boys over the age of 6 to having a bunch of female kittens. I lost a bunch due to old age etc. Most importantly I lost the Alfa female and her successor in the same year. My surviving male had never had any desire to take over and my surviving female had always been lowest on the order so she didn't even know how to take over. It has made for a rather interesting problem. My house has always traditionally been run by the head queen and suddenly I had 3 females under the age of 1. Not only were they learning how to be cats, but there was constant pecking order fights. During this time, I happened to be asked to foster a male tuxedo for a couple of weeks, he was a dumped feral (part of a litter) and the only one they couldn't place right away. Well he was the cure. He is the second youngest of my six, but completely in charge and loves his girls.
You might have the same issue with yours, losing a cat can easily change the pecking order and until a new one is established it can be crazy. You might not have even been aware that your cats had an order, but they do. Time may fix your situation if you have a cat that wants to be in charge, but there will be fights as one establishes dominance. In my case I didn't have any with the senority to really do it and by bringing the male in, the girls took to his dominance without question. It's the first time I have had a male in charge in over 2 decades but it's been a good thing. Hope this helps.
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I agree with Kat..., time would most likely be the best healer of these wounds. If you add a kitten, it just adds to the mix.

Best of Luck,
Rob & Sport
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